Che Ge – Inheritor of Hani Folk Music in Honghe County, Honghe

Che Ge – Inheritor of Hani Folk Music in Honghe County, Honghe-01

Basic Information

Name: Che Ge(车格), the Inheritor of Hani Folk Music
Sex: Female
Race: Hani Ethnic Minority
Birth: Born in 1965
Hometown: Luome Village, Puchun Village Committee of Azahe Township, Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture.(红河哈尼族彝族自治州红河县阿扎河乡普春村委会罗么村)

Life Experience

Che Ge(车格) began to learn Hani folk song from Ma Alou(马阿楼) in 1974. She mainly studied Hani folk songs and songs for funeral and weeding. In 1985, she began to learn all kinds of songs and techniques of polyphonic folk songs of the Hani people. She was the leading singer of the Hani polyphonic folk song Wuchuaci(吾处阿茨) and Ouloulanlou(欧楼兰楼).


She is the indispensable backbone inheritor of the polyphonic folk songs of the Hani Ethnic Minority.Chege is also proficient in Hani traditional funeral songs and wedding songs, and has a wide influence in the local area. She has been invited to participate in performances at home and abroad on many occasions. In 2003, she participated in the “Western Folk Song Competition(西部民歌大赛)” of CCTV. In the same year, she was named a folk artist by the Honghe Cultural Bureau(红河州文化局) and the Prefecture Ethnic Affairs Commission(州民族事务委员会). At present, she has five female apprentices, such as Bai Doushou(白斗收), Cheboyi(车波衣), Chebaiyou(车白优) and Chen Peiyou(陈皮优).

Chinese Version:
Translated by Translated by Emily -Wang/王海玲