Kunming – Dali High Speed Train: Route, Tickets, Schedule, Times & Fares

Right now, merely high speed trains are operated between Kunming and Dali on a daily basis. Kunming-Dali high-speed trains have been put into service in July, 2018, which reduce the travel time from 6 hours to 2 hours. It makes stops at Lufeng South, Guangtong North, Chuxiong, Nanhua, Yunnanyi and Xiangyun, greatly improving the convenience between the two cities.

Covering its total length of about 328 kilometers long from Kunming South Railway Station to Dali Railway Station, the railway is designed with a running speed of 200km/h, which is officially known as the Kunming – Chuxiong- Dali Intercity Railway. Besides, it is actually an important part of the international rail linking Yunnan and Burma. 

Kunming to Dali Train Timetable

There are more than 20 high-speed trains departing from Kunming South Railway Station to Dali Railway Station from the early morning hours to the late night around 06:30-21:30, with some stopping at Kunming Railway Station in the downtown. So tourists can book the tickets both at the Kunming South Railway Station and Kunming Railway Station. From Kunming Railway Station, the ticket fare for First Class Seat is RMB 231 and the second is RMB 145.

Train Number Departure Arrival Duration
D8652 07:22 09:14 1h52m
D8656 07:35 09:37 2h02m
D8660 08:12 10:10 1h58m
D8664 08:44 10:50 5h06m
D8668 09:05 11:19 2h14m
D8672 09:22 11:31 2h09m
D8676 09:37 11:51 2h14m
D8684 10:06 12:22 2h16m
D8692 10:42 12:57 2h15m
D8696 11:15 13:24 2h09m
D8702 12:12 14:27 2h15m
D4120 12:57 15:05 2h08m
D8706 13:12 15:27 2h15m
D8710 13:57 15:49 1h52m
D3938 15:51 17:53 2h02m
D8714 16:02 18:10 2h08m
D3802 16:14 18:22 2h08m
D3930 16:38 18:52 2h14m
D8726 17:12 19:33 2h21m
D3814 17:32 19:40 2h08m
D3952 17:54 20:02 2h08m
D3966 18:05 20:13 2h08m
D3818 18:28 20:47 2h19m
D8734 19:12 21:33 2h21m
D8738 19:55 22:10 2h15m
D8742 21:43 23:35 1h52m

Kunming South Railway Station:
Add: Xiangyuan Street, Chenggong District of Kunming City
How to Get: Take Metro Line 1 or taxi

Kunming Railway Station:
Add: No. 1, Beijing Road, Guandu District, Kunming, Yunnan
How to Get: Take the Metro Line 2 or taxi

Dali Railway Station:
Add: 261 Weishan Road, Dali
How to Leave: Take a taxi or bus

Detailed Steps to take the D-train(Kunming-Dali)

1.Book the train tickets 5–30 days in advance. If book your tickets online, get them from the railway station nearby before boarding. The Self-service Ticketing Machines are not serving foreign people. Choose the type of seat you prefer when booking the ticket. There are First Class Seat and Second Class Seat for your choice.

2.Board the train at Kunming Railway Station. Before boarding, prepare your documents well (valid passport with China Visa), you’ll pass the security control and Security & Luggage Checks. Then find the right waiting hall and cross the ticket checking gate. Finally find your train and seat.

3.Get off the train at Dali Railway Station and leave from the station by taxi or bus. Usually, it needs about 15-20 minutes to Xiaguan area, about 40-50 minutes to Dali Old Town and the Three Pagoda, about 45-50 minutes to Erhai Lake, and about 40 minutes to Cangshan Mountain, etc.

How to Get to Dali Ancient City from Dali Railway Station

At Dali Railway Station, tourists can take the bus or taxi to Dali railway station. It is located at 261 Weishan Road, Dali and bus No.8 connecting the two places, which costs about 1.5 hours. If by taxi, about 40 minutes are needed.