Gantong Cableway (Zhongsuodao) of Cangshan Mountain in Dali City

Gantong Cableway of Cangshan

Gantong Cableway(感通索道) is located in Shengying Peak of Caangshan, backed by Cangshan and facing Erhai Lake. It is closed to Gantong Temple. Gantong Cableway is 2630 meters long to Qingbi Stream(清碧溪).

The complete set of cable car equipment is imported from Austria, which is known as the “Cableway Kingdom”. The cableway is a detachable cableway, which can accommodate 6 people. Taking the cableway, travelers can look up at Snow Peak of Cangshan, overlook the Erhai and Dali Ancient Town, and the Three Pagoda Chongsheng Temple, it becomes a unique landscape of charming Dali. There is a ethnic teahouse where travelers can taste the three-course tea(三道茶) of Bai people and Pu’er tea and appreciate the ethnic dance. Along the way, you can enjoy the Qingbi Stream(清碧溪), the mysterious Cangshan Grand Canyon, the Jade Belt Yunyou Road(带云游路) etc., which are fascinating, mysterious and beautiful.

Useful Travel Tips

When the weather is fine in Dali, the sunshine is heated, and ultraviolet light is strong. People should avoid direct sunlight, and the sun hat preparation is required during outdoor activities, a pair of sunglasses will make you comfortable in the trip.

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