Yingyuetan Hot Spring in Hongta District, Yuxi

Why is Yingyuetan Hot Spring So Special?

Taking bath in hot spring is a traditional folk custom. Yingyuetan hot spring can soak open-air hot springs. And taking a bath in 28 different styles of hot springs is a brandnew fashion leisure activity. Yingyuetan hot spring combines the most traditional hot spring culture and the most fashionable leisure concept, carries forward the health, leisure and ecological balance, as well as brings to every tourist the light and leisurely atmosphere of nature. It creates an oasis in the bustling city for people who love life and health.

Where is Yingyuetan Hot Spring?

Yingyuetan Hot Spring映月谭温泉 is located in Dayingjie Subdistrict of Hongta District, Yuxi, Yunnan. It is a unique place for recreation and recuperation, also a pure Japanese style hot spring tourist resort. It is about 45 minutes drive from Kunming.

Features of Yingyuetan Hot Spring

Yingyuetan Hot Spring upholds the natural style, carries forward health, leisure and ecological balance. It combines the most traditional hot spring culture and the latest concept of healthy leisure, coupled with the most considerate, sincere service to every tourist. The brand new open-air Japanese style hot springs are the highlight of the whole resort. 28 hot springs with various functions are dotted in fresh flowers and green grass. pearl bath, oxygen bar, dead sea bath, wine bath, salt bath, imperial concubine bath, bubble bath, Yunwu Tea room, water bar, marble bath, sand bath and so on, each hot spring pool is a different world with its different functions and forms.

Nearby Attractions

1. Yuquan Temple玉泉寺

Yuquan Temple, located in Daying Street, Hongta District, Yuxi City, is adjacent to Yingyuetan leisure culture center and Yingyuetan hot spring. It is a large-scale Buddhist activities place and national AAAA level scenic spots. The seven palace halls are magnificent. Among them, Sakyamuni Buddha of the Great Buddha’s Hall is 26.8 meters high and is the highest indoor Buddha in Southeast Asia. 

2. Yingyuetan Leisure Culture Center映月谭休闲文化中心

Yingyuetan leisure culture center is built by Yunnan Yuxi Tipping Paper Factory, the largest production enterprise of tipping paper in Asia, covering an area of more than 300 mu. It is a tourist service enterprise which integrates bath, accommodation, catering and tourism.

How to Get There?

Yingyuetan Hot Spring in Hongta

The fastest way to get to Hongta District of Yuxi is by train.

Kunming South Station-Yuxi Station

Departure Time: 8:10, 9:55, 10:07, 18:47, 19:13

Ticket Price: 32 CNY or 40 CNY

Distance: 81 kilometers

Consume Time: 32 minutes

Kunming Station-Yuxi Station

Departure Time: 5:36-17:20

Ticket Price: 16.5 CNY

Distance: 105 kilometers

Consume Time: 1 hour 20 minutes

Best Time to Visit

Taking a bath in Yingyuetan Hot Spring is available all the year round.

Accommodation at Yingyuetan Hot Spring

Located at Daying street of Hongta District in Yuxi, there are many hotels you can choose. Hongta District is the government seat of Yuxi City.

1. Yingyuetan Hot Spring Hotel玉溪映月谭温泉酒店

Address: 玉溪市红塔区大营街街道公园路

Tel: 0877-2770666

Starting Price: 411 CNY

2. Hongta Hotel玉溪红塔大酒店

Address: No.32, Hongta Avenue, Hongta District, Yuxi玉溪市红塔区红塔大道32号

Tel: 0877-2066666

Star Rating: 4-star

Yingyuetan Hot Spring in Hongta

Useful Travel Tips

1. Generally, there are plenty of bath towels, household clothes, toiletries, skin care products for guests, so no special requirements, it is not necessary to bring your own wash supplies. Of course, women may need to carry their own cosmetics.

2. You’d better deposit your valuables at the front desk.