Honglongjing (Red Dragon Well) in Dali Old Town

Honglongjing, or Red Dragon Well, is one of the top Instagram-worthy spots located in the heart of Dali Old Town. Recently renovated into a pedestrian street with a stream running down its middle, Honglongjing attracts visitors with its picturesque charm.

During the day, the street bustles with activity as domestic tour groups explore its attractions, but it tends to quiet down at night, providing a more serene atmosphere for leisurely strolls.

At the upper end of Honglongjing, several guesthouses offer accommodations, catering to different preferences and budgets. From the backpacker-friendly Dali Hump to the Yu Yuan Hotel owned by a friendly Bai family, visitors can find suitable lodging options. Notably, Chinese painter Fang Lijun designed the Yunnan Inn, a unique hotel featuring his Dali studio.

On the east side of Bo’ai Lu, a significant real estate development is underway, slowly attracting tenants that contribute to the area’s character. Yiran Tang Vegetarian Buffet offers a budget-friendly Buddhist vegetarian buffet, ideal for vegans, vegetarians, and travelers on a tight budget.

Handmade crafts have become a highlight of Honglongjing, with stalls selling handmade silver jewelry and a wide selection of ceramic products available at the Pottery Studio. Visitors can even try their hand at pottery-making at this studio.

To reach Honglongjing, visitors can take various routes, such as walking down Fuxin Road, the main shopping street, or accessing it from the parallel Boai Road. Additionally, visitors can arrive from Buxing Street.

Entrance to Honglongjing is free, making it accessible to the public. For the best experience with fewer crowds and optimal views, it’s recommended to visit early in the morning, approximately an hour after sunrise.