Dali City Shopping

A trip to Dali is not completed without bringing back some of the local and ethnic souvenirs. Shopping in Dali Old Town is a must-do thing for tourist. In the dwelling area of the Bai minority group, characteristic handicraft articles of the Bai people can be purchased. Among the many handicrafts that the Bai people inherited from their forefathers, tie-dye fabrics, or coloring cloths, have been turned into one of the most profitable businesses. Furthermore, supermarkets and shopping malls can also meet visitors' daily necessities. 

What to Buy

1.Dali Snow Pear

Owing to the climate and the soil condition of Dali, the pears which grow here are much sweeter in flavor, and have thinner skins and more tender flesh. The main growing area for Dali snow pears is on the eastern side of Erhai Lake. Every August and September in the harvest season, people come from all around to Erhai Lake to pick pears and celebrate the harvest.

2.Tie-Dyed Cloth

The tie-dye of the Bai Minority is usually made by stitching patterns on cotton cloth and impregnating them in plant dye. Traditional dyed fabrics have white patterns on a background of indigo and are used for tablecloths, door curtains, hats, clothes, and scarves as well as other items. In Zhoucheng Village, there are many family workshops which make dyed fabrics. Visitors can take minibuses and carriages to the village.

3.The Tuo Tea

It is one of the famous brand products which are produced by the tea factory of Xiaguan in Dali City, the original name is Tuan Tea. Tuo Tea in Xiaguan is chosed the famous tea as material, which is produced in more than 30 countries such as Linchang, Baoshan, Simao etc. The color of soup is orange and clear, the taste is great back sweet. Abroad, it is called the losing weight tea, the beauty tea or the longevity tea. In China, Tuo Tea of Xiaguan, the white medicine of Yunnan and the Yun cigarette are praised to be three treasures of Yunnan. 

4. Silver and Bronze Ware

The silver and bronze ware is very famous in Dali. The local Bai people are specialized in making these metal wares. The category of the silver and bronze wares covers ring, necklace, earrings, bracelet and hairpin. All of these wares are made with the traditional skill and the authentic materials. If you are interesting in the folk accessories, you can buy some.

5. Embroidery

You can also purchase beautiful minority embroidery (generally Miao minority from Guizhou Province) at a number of shops. The embroidered items include baby carriers, clothing or decorative patches that were attached to traditional costume.

6. Antiques 

There are many antique shops very close to each other on Yù'ěr Lù (玉洱路). Start at the intersection of Yěyú Lù (叶榆路) and walk west. It can be very interesting to browse here. Even if you're not a regular collector you will probably be tempted to buy something when you see how badly some of these treasures are being handled and stored.

7. Jianchuan Wood Carving

Jianchuan County is famous as the "hometown of craftsmen." Craftsmen are good at sculpturing various figures, flowers and birds, landscapes, and pictures of dragons and phoenix that infer luck and happiness, and that decorate doors and windows, and furniture. Craftsmen choose high quality mahogany, southwest birch, Myanmar redwood, natural plant lacquer, and the well-known floral marble as raw materials, giving the products practical use and artistic value, and make them worthy of collection.