He Zhengwen(Senior Dongba)-Intangible Culture Inheritor


Born in December,1975, He Zhengwen is the   24th Generation Naxi Dongba(Shaman),the Dongba Culture tutor of Baisha NaxiEmbroidery Institute. Special invited Intangible expert of Zhuhai ChineseIntangible Cultural Museum, important oral history contributor of Yunnan ProvincialArchive, a member of Yunnan Artists Association. He was granted as the representative Intangible Inheritor by the Provincial Cultural Bureau.


His family inherited Dongba culture generation to generation untilhis father, his father could not study the whole system of Dongba culturebecause of the Culture Revolution. One year later after He Zhengwen was born,Culture Revolution was stopped and later on the dark clouds of the CultureRevolution was totally drove away by the open policy. And his grandfather He Jigui,the most famous Donba during that time was invited to work as a Dongba cultureconsultant of the Dongba Culture Institute. For teaching all he knew andinspiring He Zhengwen to be a qualified Dongba, He Zhengwen was required tofollow by his grandfather.

Studying Dongba Scripture, Dongba Pictograph, DongbaPainting, Rituals, Worshipping ceremonies etc day by day, year by year with hisgrandfather, He Zhengwen grew up into a qualified senior Dongba and became one ofthe most representative intangible cultural inheritor in Lijiang. He wasinvited for Dongba promotion and culture exchanges in Mexico, Beijing, Shenzhenand other cities countries for many times.

2010:Graduatedfrom the Senior Dongba Painting Further Study class.

2013:DongbaPainting<Dingba Shiluo> won Gold Prize of the “Four Regions BetweenTaiwan and the Coastal line Cities’ Intangible Culture Exhibition”

2014:work <NaxiDongba Painting> won silver prize in the 4th Kunming IntangibleCulture Exhibition.

2016: DongbaCalligraphy work won silver prize in “Our Memory-Dongba Calligraphy Competition”which was holed by Lijiang Donga Culture Institute.

2016:work<DongbaPainting> won Excellent Prize in Yunnan Provincial Intangible CultureExhibition.