Xu Yunkui-Printmaking Artist in Lijiang

Xu Yunkui(徐云奎), born in 1956,the most famous provincial strong colour woodblock printer ,one of the most important memeber of the National Art and Culture Asiociation,the principal of Baisha Naxi Embroidery Institute.

Xu loved and started art since a little boy,and used to follow Master Wu Xiangmu for traditional water colour painting.Unfortunately he had to stop painting during the cultural revelution to work in the apple orchard.But he did not give up the persuring of art,kept immitating the famous ancient traditional works, and achieved after a further study following many famous woodblock printers in the “woodblock printing reaching class” in Yunnan Art College.

Xu concentrated on woodblock printing for all recent 30 years, he created quit a lot of works,many of his works exhibited in many cities and regions such as Lijiang,Kunming,Guangzhou etc.And his works were appreciated and collected by people from over 50 countries and cities.