Baisha Ancient Town Overview

Baisha Old Town was part of 'Lijiang Old Town' - World Cultural Heritage. As the oldest and most original Naxi village, Baisha Old Town is not only the cradle-land of Mu Family but also the earliest settlement of Naxi people. It was once the political, economical, commercial and cultural center of Lijiang where you can appreciate the authentic life of the Naxi People and escape from the overcrowded Dayan Old Town and Shuhe Old Town. With tranquility and simplicity, Baisha Old Town Tour may be tourist's better choice who is tired of the hustle and bustle of large crowds.

‣ Location

On the foot of Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Baisha Old Town was located in 10 kilometers north of Lijiang Old Town with Dragon Spring to the south and Zhishan Mountain to the west.

‣ Basic Information


• Chinese Name: 白沙古镇

• Location: Baisha Village, Yulong Naxi Autonomous Prefecture, Lijiang City, Yunnan Province

• Opening Time: All Day Long

• Ticket: Free; 30 RMB for Baisha Frescos

• Nationality: Naxi nationality

• Recommended Visit Time: 1 day

• Best Time to Visit: July to September

‣ History

As mentioned earlier, Baisha Old Town was the cradle of the ancient Mu clan. The Mu family was famous for their exceptional city planning skills and experience. Early in the Tang Dynasty (618-907), the emperor of the Nanzhao state named Yulong Snow Mountain “North-Yue,” meanwhile the ancestors of the Mu clan began to build North-Yue Temple and the town’s streets. These constructions were examples of the golden age of Baisha. Later in the Song Dynasty (960-1279), the town prospered further and became the economic, political, and cultural center of the city of Lijiang. Until early Ming Dynasty, Mu family moved to Dayan Old Town where the Mu's Residence is located today.

‣ What to Visit in Baisha Old Town

• Baisha Murals

Baisha Frescos is the most important highlight in Baisha Old Town. 

• Dabaoji Palace

Created in Ming Dynasty, the totally 12 mural paintings and 167 images involves Buddhisn, Daoism and Lamaism, which is rare to see.

• Dading Pavillion

Different from those in Dabaoji Palace, these painting have beautiful shapes, bright colors and precise lines, which create strong visual impacts and sensations.

‣ Transportation

Tourists can tak bus No.6 in Red Sun Square in Dayan Old Town and get off in Baisha Stop. Or tourists can cycle 12 kilometers from Dayan Old Town to Baisha Old Town. By cycling, tourists can appreciate the beauty along the way.

‣Recommended Hotels

• Lijiang Baisha Holiday Resort

• Chinese Name: 丽江白沙别院精品度假酒店

• Address: 33 Sanyuan Village, Baisha Old Town, Yulong, Lijiang

• Phone: +86 139 8704 0240