Hulusheng Dance of Yi Ethnic Minority in Xichou County, Wenshan

Hulusheng Dance of Yi Ethnic Minority mainly circulated in Man Village, Xichou County, Wenshan, where Huayan people gather. Hulusheng Dance is a long-established folk dance. It is unique in the typical dance posture of the “S” shape, showing the charm of the ancient Hulusheng Dance.


Long years ago, Huayan people suffered from famine because of a drought. In such a desperate time, a rich man in the village took out the Kuqiao(苦荞) from home to help everyone, who saved everyone’s life. In order to thank the Kuqiao(苦荞)  for saving everyone’s life, people practised the Hulusheng Dance. Since then, the day of every year, people will commemorate by Hulusheng Dance. This is the origin of the Qiaocai(荞菜) Festival.

Qiaocai Festival is the main performance occasion for the Hulusheng Dance. Every year of Qucai Festival, people will wear gorgeous costumes to dance in the square. 


Hulusheng Dance mainly shows the content of production labor. It has a total of seven different dance movements:

  • 1. Standing Dance(牙虐)
  • 2. Moving dance(牙庆)
  • 3. Step Over Dance(牙拉)
  • 4. Cricle Dance(牙降)
  • 5. Across Flower(牙稳)
  • 6. Relative Nod(牙搞)
  • 7. Forwaord and Backword Dance(牙敢)

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