Baisha Ancient Town Festivals and Events

Taking part in local festivals and activities is fun and interesting, and it is a favorable way to get closer to their people and cultures. In addition to traditional Chinese festivals, there are some local activities and festivals in Baisha Old Town. Here is basic information about some activities. 

1.Bangbang Festival (Stick Festival)

The Bangbang festival in Baisha Old Town, also known as the farm tools fair, is 5 days later than that in Dayan Old Town(Lijiang Old Town). What's more, there are also Naxi jumping competitions and art performances in Baisha square.

2.Torch Festival

During the Naxi Torch Festival( Lunar June 24-26), people will light a campfire for three nights in the courtyard. Each village in Baisha will light torches at its own designated event venue, singing and dancing together.