Dali City-Xiangyun County Transportation: By Long-distance Bus and By Train

Xiangyun County(祥云县) is one of the counties under the jurisdiction of Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture of Yunnan Province. It is located in west-central Yunnan Province, bordering Dayao County, Yao’an County and Nanhua County in the east, adjacent to Midu County in the south, connecting Dali City in the west, and adjoining Binchuan County in the north. Xiangyun is one of the counties developed earlier and better in economy in Yunnan. Xiangyun County is the west Yunnan traffic throat, is the east gate of Dali Prefecture, only 282 kilometers from Kunming, and 48 kilometers from Dali Airport.

How to Get to Xiangyun County from Dali City

Xiangyun County and Dali City are both under the administration of Dali Prefecture, and Xiangyun County is not far from Dali City. It is only a distance of about 54 kilometers between Dali City and Xiangyun County, travelers could go from Dali City to Xiangyun County by long-distance bus and by train.

1. By Long-distance Bus

There are daily buses from Dali Xingsheng Bus Station to Xiangyun Bus Terminal, and the journey is near 1 hour.

Bus Timetable

Departure Time Desitination Duration Price
07:20-12:30(every 14 minutes) Xiangyun祥云 53m 12 CNY
12:30-19:00(every 9 minutes) Xiangyun祥云 53m 12 CNY

Tip: The above information is for reference only, if any change is based on actual information.

Dali Xingsheng Bus Station大理兴盛汽车客运站
Address: No.8, Xingsheng Road, Dali City, Dali大理州大理市兴盛路8号 
Tel: 0872-2129832

Xiangyun Bus Terminal祥云汽车客运站
Address: No.183, Qinghong Road, Xiangyun County, Dali Prefecture大理白族自治州祥云县清红路183号
Tel: 0872-3319677

Yunnanyi Ancient Town is an important town on the ancient silk road, which has a profound historical background. Check more information about Xiangyun County Travel Guide. 1 Day Kunming to Dali Tour with Chuxiong Museum and Yunnanyi Old Town

When you are there in Xiangyun County, Yunnanyi(云南驿) Ancient Town is the must-see attraction. After arriving at Xiangyun Bus Terminal, you can take the minibus to Yunnanyi old town, it takes about 35 minutes and costs 8 yuan. Besides, you can also go directly from Dali City to Yunnanyi by chartered bus, it’s more convenient since you don’t have to transfer.

If you plan to Xiangyun County, you can contact us, we will provide attentive services. 
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2. By Train

Taking train from Dali City to Xiangyun County involves two main railway stations in Yunnan, Dali Railway Station and Xiangyun Railway Station. Xiangyun Railway Station, April 11, 2018, changed its name to Xiangyun West Railway Station. There are 8 daily nonstop trains from Dali Station to Xiangyun Station, the journey is 23 minutes. It is the fastest mode of transport to Xiangyun County.

Xiangyun Railway Station祥云站
Address: Huancheng West Road, Xiangyun County, Dali Prefecture云南省大理白族自治州祥云县环城西路

Dali Railway Station-Xiangyun Railway Station Train Timetable

Train Number Departure Time Arrival Time Price
D3968 08:24 08:47 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D3954 09:42 10:05 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D8670 12:48 13:11 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D8682 13:56 14:19 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D8686 14:48 15;11 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D4122 15:30 15:53 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D8720 19:15 19:38 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY
D8736 20:23 20:46 The First Class: 30 CNY/The Second Class: 19 CNY

It is about 20 kilometers from Xiangyun Railway Station to Yunnanyi Old Town, about 30 minutes. There must be chartered bus or minibus at railway station.

3. By Chartered Bus 

Chartered buses around Dali Ancient Town, Dali City Bus Stations and Dali Railway Station are easily available, you can go and ask the drivers details. You will spend more money taking chartered bus, but it is more convenient and flexible than the long-distance bus. Check more information about Dali City Travel Guide.

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