Xiangyun County Culture

Ethnic Groups

It inhibited by477,500 people and over 6 ethnic groups live Xiangyun County, including  Bai(9.3%), Han(82.97%), Yi(7.2%), Hui(0.11%), Lisu(0.24%), Miao(0.18%).

Ethnic Town

There is one ethnic town in Xiangyun County: Dongshan Yi Ethnic Town (东山彝族乡)

Ethnic Culture

There are many various traditional festivals. Torch Festival, Mute (Yaba) Festival of Yi Ethnic Minority, Tianfengshan Mountain Song Festival, Visiting Three Spirits, Third Month Fair (March Fair).

Traditional Ethnic Villages                        

There are three traditional ethnic villages in Xiangyun County. Dacang Village of Xiazhuang Town(下庄镇大仓村 ), Dabona Village of Liuchang Town(刘厂镇大波那), Jiuyi Village of Hedian Town(禾甸镇旧邑村).