Xiangyun County Transportation

Xiangyun County covers an area of 2425 square kilometers and about 50 kilometers away from Dali City and 282 kilometers away from Kunming.

How to Get in

By Car                           

Travel to Xiangyun County by car is 282 km in distance, you need 3.5 hours from Kunming to Xiangyun County.

By Pubic Transportation

By Long-distance Bus 

Travel to Xiangyun County by Pubic Transportation, you need to go to the West Bus Station to take bus. There are three coaches a day. It costs your 110RMB and 3.5 hours.

By Airplane and Bus

If you want to take plane, you need to go to Kunming Changshui International Airport to take airplane to Dali Airport. It costs your 55 minutes. When you arrive at Dali Airport, you need to take bus to Xiangyun County Passenger Station and it needs 1 hour.

By Train

Getting to Xiangyun County by train is also convenient. Trains run only to and from Kunming, and it will pass by Xiangyun County. There are 3 trains daily and running time is about seven to nine hours. The earliest train leaves from Kunming at about 10:02 and the other 2 all run at noon from 14:35 to 16:00. The tickets are only sold in the reception center. Normally the prices should fall between the range of 53 and 150 yuan.

By High-speed Train and Bus

If you want to take a high-speed train, firstly, you need to go to Kunming South Railway Station. Secondly, you should spend 2 hours on the road to Xiangyun Railway Station.

How to Get Around

 By Taxi

For people who want to get to their destination as quickly as possible, taxis are wise choices. Generally, the starting fare is CNY8, and CNY1.4 will be charged for each kilometer.

By Bus and Minibus

The fare for public buses is RMB1 throughout Xiangyun County. But if you want to get to different village, you can also choose minibus.