Xiangyun County Dining

Xiangyun County is different from the one in other places. All the foods talked about below are the representatives of local food.

1. Shanzhu Guhua Fish

Guohua fish doesn't mean a certain fish only, which live in the rice paddy in summer and autumn. When the flowers of rice float the joss-stick, they are also mature in the rice. They are fatty and fat, the meat is delicate and the bone is soft. At this time, the people need to lift a colorful plastics bucket only, take a green bamboo basket, trample the curved grass, push aside in the field, and lead the basket along with the farmland water, the Guhua fish are in the basket.

2. Donkey Meat

There is an old saying, “heavenly dragon meat, underground donkey meat”. It is a delicious dish, with fine cooked, high protein, low fat, high amino acid.

3. Kuliba Chicken

Stewed the local chicken with Kuliba(a kind of plant). Kuliba Chicken is tender and delicious, fragrant, and beneficial to health.

4. Dairy Fans

A local food made from both milk and yoghurt, which is shaped into a fan form after the ingredients mixed together.

5. Er Kuai

Er Kuai is one of the most conventional local foods, a rice-based dish. The rice is first washed, soaked, stewed and then mashed into a paste, before being molded into various lumps, slices and shreds. It is usually grilled over burning charcoals with a sugar, walnut, or sesame filling.


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