Xichang to Lijiang Bus Schedule and Bus Tickets Booking

Xichang Lijiang travel by bus is available for tourists. The distance from Xichang to Lijiang is 476 kilometers. Xichang(西昌) is a beautiful tourism spot in southern Sichuan. It is warm in the winter, cool in the summer and sunny almost every day. Its weather is so good, in fact, that it is a satellite launch base for the Chinese space program. There are beautiful mountains for hiking in Xichang itself and the nearby regions. Lijiang is considered as a fairyland blessed with fresh air, clear streams, breathtaking Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and an undisturbed landscape inhabited by Naxi Ethnic Minority.

By Long-distance Bus

Xichang – Lijiang 

There is 1 long-distance bus available every other day from Xichang City(西昌市) to Lijiang City(丽江市).
Tourists can take the long-distance bus from Xichang Bus Station (西昌汽车客运中心) to Lijiang Bus Station(客丽江运站), the journey will take about 10.5 hours. 

Bus Timetable

Departs Arrives Duration Price
07:50 Lijiang  10.5h 180 CNY

Lijiang – Xichang

There are 1 long-distance bus available every other day from  Lijiang City to Xichang City.
Tourists can take the long-distance bus from Lijiang Bus Station(客丽江运站) to Xichang, the journey will take about 11 hours. 

Bus Timetable

Departs Arrives Duration Price
07:10 Xichang 11h 164 CNY

Lijiang Bus Station
Address: No. 25 Kangzhong Road, Gucheng District, Lijiang City(丽江市古城区康仲路25号)
Public Bus: No. 16, 19, 22, 8 
Bus connections to: Kunming City, Dali, Shangri-la, Huaping, Liuku and so on.
Tel: 0888-5121-106

Xichang Bus Station (西昌汽车客运中心)
Address: No. 412 Sanchakou South Road, Xichang City(西昌市三岔口南路412号)
Bus connections to: Kunming, Lijiang, Yaan ans so on.
Tel: 0834-3222-784


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