Lijiang Transportation – By Train

There are trains from Kunming to Lijiang and Dali to Lijiang, and the main railway station is Lijiang Railway Station. After the completion of Lijiang-Shangri-La Railway, Lashihai Railway Station will become an important railway station and then it will be very convenient to visit Lashi Lake and Tiger Leaping Gorge. In July 2014, the Lijiang-Shangri-La Railway started construction. The length of the line construction was 139.66 kilometers, the project investment was 10.372 billion yuan, and the total construction period was 6 years. The Xichang-Lijiang Railway is under the planning. Lijiang Railway Station is about 5 km from Lijiang Ancient Town. Several public bus lines serve the station, including the No. 18 and No. 4 buses.

Lijiang Trains

Lijiang trains mainly include Lijiang high speed trains and Lijiang normal trains.

Lijiang High Speed Trains

Lijiang Railway Station mainly operates trains to/from Kunming and Dali, the high speed trains are mainly from/to Kunming and Lijiang.

High Speed Train Schedule of Lijiang

These trains depart from around 8:23 to 17:30 in total of about 9 high speed trains every day. Their travel time is 3 to 4 hours. The ticket prices are respectively 351 yuan for the first class seat and 220 yuan for the second class seat.

Destination Trains Duration Ticket Fare(Yuan)1st/2nd Class Seat
Kunming D8774, D8778, D3942, D8764…
9 Departures from 08:20-17:30
2h58m-3h58m 220-351

Lijiang Normal Trains

At present, there are no direct trains to other provinces from Lijiang Railway Station, only to Kunming, Dali, Qujing and Chuxiong.

Normal Train Schedule of Lijiang

Train No. Departure Departure Time Destination Arrival Time Duration
K9606/K9608 Lijiang 08:08 Kunming 17:16 9h8m
K9685/K9688 Lijiang 09:28 Kunming 16:23 6h55m
K9620 Lijiang 09:48 Dali 11:59 2h11m
K9618 Lijiang 16:26 Dali 18:38 2h12m
K9629 Dali 09:25 Lijiang 11:47 2h22m
K9619 Dali 15:36 Lijiang 17:42 2h6m
K9612/K9613 Kunming 09:43 Lijiang 18:15 8h32m
K9682/K9683 Kunming 12:10 Lijiang 19:05 6h55m

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High Speed Train Tours

High speed train is becoming one of the important land transportation in China for its faster speed and better facilities. Today, high speed trains are available from Kunming to Dali and Lijiang. Taking a high speed train on your journey will bring a brand-new experience. 

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