Mile City Entertainment

Mile is famous for being the site of having good hot springs near Kunming which are convenient for people to access. Another claim to fame is having Buddha statues as high as 19.99 meters. Mile County is about 143 KM (89 miles) southeast of Kunming, the capital city of Yunnan Province. Located in the center of the tourism area of southeastern Yunnan, with well-constructed roads and railways, it is easy and convenient to travel to other tourist spots from Mile, such as the Stone Forest, Jianshui and Luxi, among many other popular areas in central Yunnan.

Clubs and bars

Hengdian film横店影城

Adress:55 th ,Jishan Road吉山北路55附近

Jingxin KTV晶鑫KTV



Shatan Tearoom沙滩茶室

Adress: Wenquan Road弥勒市 温泉路

Ziteng Tea Home紫藤茶艺楼

Adress:362 th ,Xishan Road 弥勒市 西山路362号
Maike Coffee麦克咖啡


Address:Renmin Road弥勒市人民南路福地半岛2期铺面

Ethnic villages and spas

The Keyi Yi culture ecological village客依生态文化村

Here is the origin of the most famous folk dance, “Axi Tiaoyue” (Axi people dancing with the moon) among Yunnan’s many ethnic dances. The village is located in the Xisan Township, about 21 KM (13 miles) north of Mile County proper, and there are more than 200 households of Axi, one of the subgroups of the Yi ethnic group. With a good location and accessibility, it has become a popular tourist destination. As more and more traditional ethnic customs and cultures are being revitalized, such as the “Axi Tiaoyue”, the Fire Sacrificing and Dragon Sacrificing ceremony of the Axi people, and also their unique wedding costumes, more and more visitors are coming here for different cultural experiences and to appreciate the extraordinary natural beauty.

The Western Ecological Vineyard 生态葡萄园

Just on the side of the Kunming–Hekou highway, about 14 KM (8.7 miles) from the seat of Mile County, is the Western Grape Ecological Garden. It was constructed to be a comprehensive landscape featuring sightseeing in the vineyard, a wine culture exhibition and historic heritages. Mile has hundreds years of grape cultivation and wine making going back to when French missionaries introduced the whole process of making quality wines. Ever since then, wines from Mile have been highly praised. Covering over 10 thousand acres (or about 666 hectares), the vineyard is the largest grape growing and processing base in southern China.

The Hot Springs in Mile 弥勒温泉

Mile is abundant with geothermal resources. Hot springs of various sizes are scattered all over the county. Topping the most recommended list are the Xiao Qin Tian Hot Spring in the northeast of the county, Meihua (or Plum) Hot Spring in the west of the county and the Xiao Zhai (or Small Village) Hot Spring. All three springs are have a history of hundreds of years, and are popular places for recreation, relaxation and medical treatment. More recently a large scale and relatively modern hot spring site has been established. The Huquan (or lake spring) Ecological Park is reputed to be the most beautiful hot spring in Mile. It is a comprehensive recreational center built with artificial beaches, tea houses, an amusement park and hot spring spas. A five star hotel is located in the park making it one of the few counties able to provide top hospitality services. It is a good place for touring, vacation and recreation.