Motorcycle Road Rules and Regulations in China

Motorcycles are also classified as motor vehicles and are subject to similar regulations as other motor vehicles. However, there are specific rules that apply to motorcycles. For instance, riders must wear helmets, and the classification and insurance standards for motorcycles differ. Additionally, many cities or regions have regulations prohibiting motorcycles.

Legal Basis:

  • Implementation Regulations of the Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China
  • Article 16: Motorcycles must undergo biennial inspections within the first 4 years of registration, followed by annual inspections thereafter.
  • Article 44: On roads with two or more lanes in the same direction, the left lane is for fast-moving vehicles and the right lane for slow-moving vehicles. Motorcycles should travel in the rightmost lane. Where traffic signs indicate speed limits, motorcycles must adhere to the specified speeds. When overtaking in the slow lane, motorcycles can use the fast lane.
  • Article 78: On highways, lanes are designated with a maximum speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour for motorcycles.
  • Article 53: The height of cargo carried on motorcycles must not exceed 1.5 meters from the ground, and the length must not exceed 0.2 meters beyond the vehicle body. For two-wheeled motorcycles, the width of the cargo on each side must not exceed 0.15 meters from the handlebars, and for three-wheeled motorcycles, the width of the cargo must not exceed the vehicle body.
  • Article 55: Minors under the age of 12 are not allowed to ride on the pillion seat of motorcycles, and lightweight motorcycles are not permitted to carry passengers.
  • Article 77: Riders of two-wheeled motorcycles must sit facing forward.
  • Article 83: Cargo compartments of freight vehicles traveling on highways must not carry passengers. Two-wheeled motorcycles are not allowed to carry passengers on highways.
  • Article 61: Motorcycles are not permitted to tow vehicles or be towed by other vehicles.
  • Article 62: Riders of motorcycles must not remove their hands from the handlebars or hang objects on them.
  • Article 113: Foreign motor vehicles entering China must apply for temporary transit number plates and driving permits from the traffic management department of the entry location. Temporary transit number plates and driving permits should specify the valid dates and authorized areas of travel. Conditions for applying for temporary transit number plates and driving permits for foreign motor vehicles entering the country, as well as the examination methods, are regulated by the public security departments under the State Council.

These regulations ensure safe and lawful operation of motorcycles on Chinese roads, emphasizing safety standards and operational limitations specific to motorcycles.