Lion Hill in Lijiang Old Town

Lion Hill in Lijiang Ancient Town

Lion Hill(丽江古城狮子山), located in the center of Lijiang Ancient Town, is an important part of the world cultural heritage of Lijiang Ancient Town and the main attraction of the national scenic spots. It is like a lying lion, hence the name. The ancient town is at the foot of the Lion Hill. It is the best place to see the panoramic view of the ancient city of Lijiang. 

Where is Lion Hill?

Lion Hill is situated in the Lijiang Ancient Town. 

Distance from other main attractions in Lijiang

  • About 5.9 km from Shuhe Ancient Town
  • About 16 km from Baisha Mural Painting in Baisha Village
  • About 24 km from Former Residence of Joseph Rock in Yuhu Village
  • About 25.8 km from Jade Dragon Snow Mountain

How to get to Lion Hill?

Lion Hill is in Lijiang Ancient Town, and travelers can walk to foot of Lion Hill.

By taxi: There is no taxi in the ancient city of Lijiang, and motor vehicles are prohibited. The main taxi stop in Lijiang is located near the Yulong Bridge at the junction of the ancient city and the new city. 
By bus: The fare is 1 yuan for one ticket. There is no need to find a supplement. In addition, the mini-cars or mini-trucks in the urban area are also one yuan for a person. Travelers can take No. 2, 3, 11, 28 buses and take off at the Gonglu Zongduan Station, then walk 1.3 km to Lion Hill.

Lion Hill in Lijiang Old Town


On the top of the Lion Hill, there is a Wangu Building. When you climb the Wangu Tower, you can see the magical and beautiful Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the north, the Lijiang Old Town in the east with the creeks and bridge, the colorful Lijiang New Town in the west, and the idyllic village in the south.In the far south, there is also a “Wenbi Peak” like a giant pen. Combined with the ink-slab of Lijiang Ancient Town, they show the Naxi culture in terms of the worship to study.

Main Attractions

Lion Hill enjoys the area of 15 hectares, with the singing birds and green trees etc.

▪ Wangu Tower (万古楼)

Located on the top of Lion Hill, Wangu Tower is 32.8 meters in height with 123,000 dragon head of Naxi style on the top, which ranks the world’s greatest. Standing on the top of the tower, you can hace panoramic view of the whole Lijiang Old Town and rivers to the east, the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain to the north and Naxi villages to the south, which is magnificent.

▪ Baima Longtan Temple(白马龙潭寺)

Lion Hill in Lijiang Old Town

Located in the south of the park, it was built in Qianlong Period of Qing Dynasty. It is the key historical protection unit of Lijiang City. There is a clear and crystal pond in this temple, connecting with the Three-eye Pond of Naxi People.

Nearby Attraction

Lijiang Ancient Town

The beauty of the Old City is also due to the integrity of geographical nature and harmony. In 30 km northwest to the Old City lies the unconquerable Yulong Snow Mountain of 5,596 m and the relics of glacier in the Quaternary Period. The spring is divided into three branches to flow into the Old City relatively from east, middle and west. The countless small branches are threading among the stone-paved lanes, just as the poem describes “spring crossing around each household forms a poem while flying willow before every household draws a painting”. Many architects give highly praise for it and it has gained such a beautiful name as “Suzhou in Highland” and “Eastern Venice”. A great number of travelers are attracted by the beauty and charm of the Old City and the Snow Mountain, keeping pouring and lingering on their primitive simplicity and quietness. And, now, the Lijiang Old City is being reported as one of China Historical Cultural Cities in the whole world’s cultural heritages. Thus, as a bright pearl of our country, it will be more splendid.

Useful Travel Tips


There are many high-quality hotels and recommended guest house in Lijiang Ancient Town. Travelers can choose one to stay. 

Inter Continental Lijiang Ancient Town Resort(丽江和府洲际度假酒店)
Hotel Indigo Lijiang Ancient Town(丽江古城英迪格酒店)
Lijiang Wangfu Hotel(丽江王府饭店)
Manty House(漫庭美宿酒店)
Lijiang International Hotel(丽江国际大酒店)

2.Naxi Festivals held in Lijiang Old Town

Bangbang Festival: January 15 on lunar calendar
Sanduo Festival: February 8 on lunar calendar
Torch Festival: June 25 to June 27 on lunar calendar
July Festival: middle July on lunar calendar