Qingyu Bay Water Park in Xishan District, Kunming

Chinese Name:昆明青鱼湾水上乐园
English Name: Qingyu Bay Water Park in Xishan District, Kunming

Kunming Qing Yu Bay Water Park is located in Herring Bay, Xishan District, Kunming City, which is established by the herring community “two committees” team,developed with the theme of “beautiful nature, clean water and green gallery “and a planning area of 80,000 Square Meters water park for the first period.

The Kunming Qing Yu Bay Water Park as a main project, tanglangchuan river rafting, sightseeing shilong water power station as a supplement of Waterpark herring community tourism project, combined with the leisure mode, bringing visitors to enjoy their best pastoral music.

During hot summer days, instead of staying indoors, going to an aquatic recreation park may bring joy and fun to you and your family. Qingyu Bay water park is located in Haikou township, about 27 km away from Kunming city. It offers some solid aquatic recreational facilities to adults and children. 


Water Pool

Water Pool is the biggest pool in the park and it is suitable for families and kids. Children would love the bridge and the water slide and water pipes, in which they could play with their friends and other kids. The waterfall in the pool is also a popular location for youngsters to play with. 


Rainbow Slides

There are 6 slides connecting the pool from 18 metres from the top, creating an exciting journey downward. At the same time, the water park also features some family-friendly slides, making it a fun experience for children.

“Tsunami” Pool

So far, the water park has the biggest artificial wave pool in Yunnan, with over 5,700 square metres of water in the pool, forming a “tsunami” as high as 3 metres, creating an unforgettable experience for visitors. 


Qingshi Drifting 

Qingshi drifting starts at Gunlongba and ends at Pingtian River (next to the water park). It has 3.5 km long, with an altitude of 1,900m above sea level, enjoying cool temperature around the year (19℃). The best time for drifting is between May to September. 


  • Address: Xiaohaikou, Haikou Township, Xishan District, Kunming 
  • Address in Chinese: 昆明市西山区海口镇小海口
  • Tel: 0871-68570398
  • Ticket prices:138 yuan/adult; 40 yuan/child
  • Web: http://www.hswaterslide.com/news/qingyu-water-park-welcomed-with-a-new-amusement.html