Qinglong Gorge in Anning City, Kunming

Chinese Name:安宁青龙峡
English Name: Qinglong Gorge in Anning City, Kunming

Qinglong Gorge is located in the northwest of Anning city, 29 km away from the Anning urban area with convenient transportation. Qinglong gorge covers 19 Square kilometers. In the areas also cover the ancient forest and beautiful waterfalls. Minority groups dwell in there for generations, There are in all 5 Attraction Zone in Qinglong Gorge.

Zone 1: Drifting Adventure

Zone 2: Ancient Forest Adventure

Zone 3: Stream and Valley Adventure

Zone 4: Minority Group Branch Ni Village Adventure

Zone 5: Flowers Advanture

Parking lot, restaurants, hotels and camp rent are available. Night bonfires festival will be enjoyed if you stay in the gorge for night.