Xishan District Overview

‣ Basic Information of Xishan District

● Chinese Name: 西山区

● Key Words

Altitude:1,731 meters—2,622 meters

● Population: 784,000

Average Temperature:14.9°C 

‣ Administrative Division of Xishan District

 As of 2016, Xishan District has 10 streets, they are Majie Subdistrict(马街街道), Jinbi Subdistrict(金碧街道), Yongchang Subdistrict(永昌街道), Qianwei Subdistrict(前卫街道), Fuhai Subdistrict(福海街道), Zongshuiying Subdistrict(棕树营街道), Xiyuan Subdistrict(西苑街道), Biji Subdistrict(碧鸡街道), Haikou Subdistrict(海口街道), Tuanjie Subdistrict(团结街道).

‣ Geography

Xishan District is located in the west of Kunming City.It stretches 36.8 kilometers from east to west,72 kilometers from south to north, shaped like a glossy ganoderma.The total area of Xishan District is 1058 square kilometers,in which mountainous area accounts for 92%. Xishan District is located in the northwest edge of Dianchi basin,and the northwest is higher than northeast.

‣ Climate

Xishan District is a subtropical semi-humid monsoon climate with an annual average temperature of 14.9, an extreme maximum temperature of 31.5, an extreme minimum temperature of - 7.8. The annual average precipitation is about 1000.5 m, the monthly maximum rainfall is 208.3 mm, the daily maximum rainfall is 153.3 mm. The rainfall is mainly concentrated in May-September. The annual sunshine time is 2327.5 hours, the annual evaporation is 1856.4 mm. The maximum wind speed is 40 m/s. More southwesterly winds. Relative humidity 76%. Xishan is a subtropical semi-humid monsoon climate, the annual average temperature of about 15 degrees Celsius, the annual average precipitation of 900-1200 mm.

‣ The Best Time to Go

With favorable weather all year round, Xishan District is a beautiful place worth traveling, especially from March to October-the best time to visit Kunming when blooming flowers, ripe fruits and festival activities all gather together.

‣ Transportation

With Xishan District's rapid economic development and gradually promoting facilities, the transportation is becoming more and more convenient. 

‣ Culture

In 2017, Xishan District invested 7.5535 million yuan in grass-roots public cultural services, and the total funds of grass-roots public cultural service projects reached a rate of more than 100 yuan.

‣ Economy

In 2017, the supply-side structural reform was promoted in depth, 62 policies were formulated and implemented to support the steady and healthy development of the economy, and 96.9652 million yuan of supporting incentive funds were cashed; 15 items of administrative fees were cancelled, exempted, reduced, and administrative fees were suspended, and policy dividends were released.

‣ Festival

With a long history, Xishan District enjoys lots of unique located festivals and activities, such as Dragon Boat Festival, Horse Running festival, Torch Festival.

‣ Tourism

 In 2017, the total number of tourists received in Xishan District was 15.1393 million, an increase of 19 percent. The tourism income was 21.114 billion yuan, with an increase of 43 percent. There are 12 scenic spots (2 municipal) in the whole area.

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