Xishan District Culture

There are many ethnic minorities inhabiting in Xishan District, such as Bai, Yi, Hani, Lisu, Dai, Miao, Hui, Zhuang ethnic minority.

Because there are so many ethnic minorities, you can enjoy all kinds of customs, festivals and performances about ethnic minorities. Here is a list of main festivals in Xishan District.

Torch Festival of Yi ethnic minority

Hunting God Festival – Lieshen (Hunting God) festival of Yi ethnic group 

Munao Zongge Festival of Jingpo (ethnic group)

Sanduo Festival of Naxi ethnic minority

Water-Splashing Festival of Dai ethnic minority

Shankang Festival of Blang ethnic minority

Dengba Festival of Tibetan ethnic minority

Kuzhazha Festival of Hani ethnic minority

Xinmi Festival of Wa ethnic minority