Qiguoji – Chicken Soup Steamed in clay pot

“Qiguoji” or “chicken soup steamed in clay pot” is one of the famous dishes in Yunnan. It got its popularity in 2000 years ago among Yunnan people. A clay or terra-cotta pot with a chimney in the middle makes people curious about its cooking method. And the special clay pot, which was manufactured in Jianshui is called “Qi Guo” or steam pot.

To make it, place chicken, ginger, shallot, pepper and salt in the pot and steam for about four hours, during which the steam from the tube contacts the cold pot cover turning to water, then flows back into the pot to become delicious chicken soup. The secret of the aromatic soup is to add no water into the pot, but the resultant steam extracts the juices of the chicken. Let it steam for four hours or so, the pot should be filled with 3/4 of the soup and the chicken become tender enough to be served.