Aning Hot Spring in Kunming

General Information

The Anning Hot Spring is a popular holiday resort and tourist destination in Kunming. It lies at 1,795 meters above sea level and is nestled at the foot of the Yuquan Mountain, also known as the Jade Spring Hill, in an area that is lush with trees and a beautifully preserved natural park. Aside from the Yuquanshan, it is also near Congshan Hill in the west and Bijiashan Hill in the northeast.

Since it is flanked by graceful mountains on three sides and is also near the Tanglangchuan River, the area is the perfect place for those who love nature. The quiet atmosphere and the hot springs provide everything one will need for a truly relaxing experience. For this reason, the place is sometimes dubbed as ‘the best hot spring under the sun’.

Aning Hot Spring in Kunming

The Anning Hot Spring was discovered during the Eastern Han dynasty, which lasted from 41 to 44 AD. This means Kunming natives have known the hot spring’s existence for nearly 2,000 years now. According to legend, a Han General Su Wenda came to the area for a battle that occurred during the 17th to 20th years of the reign of Emperor Guangwu.

When Su Wenda went hunting near the summit of Congshan Hill, he saw wisps of water coming from the foot of the hill, so he went to get a closer look to find a crystal clear spring. Workers were immediately brought in to further develop the spring. It has been used ever since, and has undergone a major renovation during the Tang dynasty. Its popularity as a scenic spot began during the Yuan dynasty.

The Crystal Clear Waters of Anning Hot Spring

The Anning Hot Spring is famous because its water is not only crystal clear, but is also wonderfully warm despite the high altitude location of the area. Throughout the year, the spring has an average temperature of 42 degrees Celsius and has a dark green color. Unlike other hot springs, it is free from sulphur and is instead composed of carbonic acid.

According to studies, it has high levels of potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, silicon, barium, manganese, copper, zinc, iron, strontium, and others. It is safe for both bathing and drinking. Due to its high mineral content, it is said to be helpful in treating rheumatoid arthritis vertebral diseases, gastric ulcer, chronic gastritis, chronic colon inflammation, insomnia, dermatitis, and gynecological diseases.

An Abundance of Facilities

Aning Hot Spring in Kunming

The Anning Hot Spring may be centered around nature, but it does not mean visitors have to make do without the usual conveniences in life. Aside from the hot spring and the verdant natural garden around it, the area also houses several guesthouses and sanatoriums where guests can stay. These facilities offer modern conveniences such as transportation and telecommunications.

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Attractions in Aning Hot Spring 

1. The first pink pool was rose-scented, and there were flower petals floating in the water.
2. The green pool smelled exactly like lemon-lime Gatorade.
3. The red pool was impossible to figure out, it didn’t smell like anything.
4. Though a bit strange looking, the white pool was our favorite as it was scented with coconut milk
5. The second pink pool smelled like strawberry Jello. Andrew didn’t like it so went to rinse off in one of the clear, unscented pools pretty quickly.
6. Last but not least, the hot springs had a fish pool! We’d seen this elsewhere in China and knew they were popular in Asia, but had not yet tried them. You put your feet in the water and the fish eat all the dead skin off your feet. It’s a strange tickly feeling that I found immensely entertaining. After a couple minutes, we adjusted and sat comfortably for our feet cleaning. Below is a video of me right after I stuck my feet into the pool.

Nearby Atrractions

Caoxi Temple (曹溪寺)

The temple remains the architectural styles of the Song and Yuan Dynasty. On the dome of the main hall is a round opening through which moonlight penetrates to the Buddha image, hence the saying “Moon reflection on the Buddha’s navel” on the night of Mid-autumn after a cycle of 60 years. “The Huayan statues of the three sages” carved in wood in the back hall are works of the Song Dynasty.

Fahuasi Temple and Grottoes (法华寺石窟)

To discover that carvings of this era existed only 25 kilometers to the southwest of Kunming warranted some exploration. The grottos and carvings of Fahua Temple (法华寺岩石窟) are believed to have been the handiwork of stonemasons working during the Nanzhao era when Yunnan had yet to become part of greater China. The Southern Silk Road once passed through Yunnan and was likely the means by which Theravada Buddhism found a following in the countryside surrounding Kunming.

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Recommended Places to Enjoy the Hot Spring in Anning City

We provide tourists with some place to enjoy the Hot Spring in Anning City, including 3-star to 5-star hot spring hotel.


Anning Hot Spring Xinjing Garden Hotel (安宁温泉心景花园酒店)
Address: In Shenan South Road of Wenquan Town
Telephone: 0871-68633006


Anning Hot Spring Valley International Resort Hotel (安宁温泉山谷国际度假酒店)
Addrss: No.688, Hot Spring Scenic Area
Telephone: 0871-6868600

Anning Ria Hot Spring Reort Hotel (安宁温泉半岛凯莱度假酒店)
Adress: In Hot Spring Tourists Resort of Wenquan Town
Telephone: 0871-66039777

Anning Jinfang Forest Hot Spring Hotel (安宁金方森林温泉半山酒店)
Address: No.1, Longxi Road in Hot Spring Tourists Resort
Telephone: 0871-68632788


Anning Hotel Spring Commercial Center Hotel (安宁温泉商贸中心酒店)
Address: No.23, Anbei Road in Wenquan Sub-district
Telephone: 0871-68631288

Anning Ruimei Hot Spring Resort Hotel (安宁瑞美温泉度假酒店)
Address: No. A1, Wanhui Star City
Telephone: 0871-68666668

Anning Lanyue Valley Hot Spring Hotel (安宁蓝月谷温泉酒店)
Address: Wenquan Sub-district, Next to Fo School

How to Get to there?

The Anning Hot Spring is located 38 kilometers from the city center near Yuquan Mountain in Anning City.

To get to Anning from the Kunming city center, take city bus no. 18 or rent a small van from the station located at Renmin Xilu and Xiao Ximen. This bus goes directly to the Anning hot spring and costs 3 yuan. If you want to do a bit of sightseeing around Anning first, you can also take buses no. 15 and 35, which will take you to the city center. From Anning City, you can then take a taxi to the spa area for around 30 yuan.

Travel Tips

There are hot tub rooms available near the hot spring. You can rent them for 40 to 100 yuan.