Travel Tips of Self-driving Tour to Jingdong County, Puer

Why here?

Nomascus concolor

One of the only 4 satellite cities left since Ming Dynasty

The historical Xiangshui Old Village

Wuliang Mountain International Carnival

Papaya chicken of Jingdong


Self-driving Map

Route: Kunming-An’ning-Lufeng Dinosaur Valley-Chuxiong-Nanhua-Xiangyun-Midu-Nanjian-Jingdong


Main phrases:

Kunming-Xiangyun: Hangzhou-Ruili Highway, 270km(3.5 hours)

Xiangyun-Wuliang: G214, 105km(2.5 hours)

Wuliang-Jingdong: S222, 63km(1.5 hours)


Kunming-Jingdong takes 435km, over 7.5 hours driving. Enter Hangzhou-Ruili Highway at West Kunming Gateway, take G214 at Xiangyun to Nanjian, tanke S222 to Jingdong.


Kunming-Jingdong takes 435km, over 7.5 hours driving. Enter Hangzhou-Ruili Highway at West Kunming Gateway, take G214 at Xiangyun to Nanjian, tanke S222 to Jingdong.


First Impression

The beautiful city of Jingdong means “the city built on a plain”. It’s an important producing area of Pu’er Tea and other crops. There are two National Nature Reserves of Wuliang Mountain and Ailao Mountain, and two large-scale hydropower station of Manwan and Dachaoshan. Yi population accounts for more than 40% of the total, so it is a Yi autonomous county. The territory of the Nomascus concolor group is the only one of the world. Wuliang Mountain International Carnival is the paradise of country music.



2 Days tour in Jingdong

Day 1

Downtown-Huangcao Ridge(30km)-Downtown(30km)-Yangshan Waterfall(60km)-Downtown(60km).


Day 2

Downtown(historic site of the satellite city)-Xiangshui Old Village(13km)-Tulin(4km)-Huashan Temple(33km)-Downtown. 


Bueatiful Scene

Yangshan Waterfall

Known as the Jade Wall of Wuliang, locates in mountains in Jingfu, over 60km away from downtown. Behind the waterfall lays a black rock, the name of the Jade Wall is given because after being washed by water in centuries it looks like a mirrow. Ticket-free.


Cunfucian Temple in Jingdong

A Confucian Temple, locates near the intersection of Hongqiao road and Yuping Road, first built in Ming Dynasty, covers an area of about 5300 square meters, the courtyard is axial-symmetry. No tickets.


Historic site of the satellite city

Locates in Jingdong No.1 Middle School, is a provincial key cultural relics protection units, one of the 4 Ming Dynasty city ruins remaining in Yunnan Province. It has a history dating back more than 600 years. At present, south gate and south walls intact remain. Ticket-free.


Huangcao Ridge ecological tourist area

Locates in Huangcaoling Village, at the edge of Wuliang Mountain National Nature Reserve, 30km away from downtown with quiet natural sights, houses of stone, and economic fruit trees. Ticket-free.


Tulin in Jingdong

Locates in Wenjing at the southeast to Jingdong, 24km away from downtown, covers an area of about 400 square meters, soil columns here are shaped by the force of water and wind. Ticket-free. 


Xiangshui Old Village

Locates in Qingliangjiezi Village in Wenjing, 13km awat from downtown. The Village is built based on the Liangs’ Manor since the latter Qing Dynasty. Ticket-free.


Huashan Temple

A temple built beside the shek pik, contains buildings such as Guanyin Cabinet, Tianwang Palace, Laojun Palace, Taizi Palace. Ticket-free.


Cultural Experience

Wuliang Mountain International Carnival in Jingdong

First held in Otc. 2012. Stars gather in the concert with the colorful performance. Stringed dance of ten thousand people was selected as a Guinness world record.


Jingdong Museum

Opened since 1996 in the buildings of Confucian Temple, withe over 4000 collections of stone, pottery, bronze, gold and silver. Long-term exhibition of Jingdong Dai Tusi cultural relics unearthed from the tomb of Dow shows almost everyday. Ticket-free.


Singing and gyroscope ringing

Take place on the 8th day in the 2nd month of lunar calendar, the 24th day in the 6th month, or the day autumn begins. Longjie town and surrounding region celebrate in singing and gyroscope ringing.



Papaya chicken of Jingdong

Tastes sour. A natural medicine, appetizer. Seen in many restaurants.


Steamed mutton with rice flour

A traditional dish of Yi Nationality in Jingdong. Yi families prepare the meal on the 14th day in the 6th lunar month.


Dongbao pork of Yi

A traditional dish for wedding or funeral occasions. Red dish for wedding, white dish for funeral. 


Pickled pig liver

Essential dishes of Yi Nationality in banquets. Pickle the prepared pig liver and pork with condiment and Chinese bananas to make it.



Papaya Chicken Restaurant of Wuliangshan Mountain

The restaurant locates in Jingdong downtown, the restauran[FS:Page]t’s specialty can be seen from the restaurant’s name.  Tel: 13769211111


Xianghuicheng Restaurant

Locotes beside the Hebing Park at Fengyu Rd. Specialties are Papaya Chicken, Red Mushroom, and Sargassum Root. Tel: 13628791668



Nanyanghe Hotel(3 Star Reted)

Address: #86 Lingyun Rd.

It’s a qualified hotel with comforting environment, Internet access, convenient parking 

Consumption: Starting at 209 yuan

Tel: 0879-6220933



Bamboo Crafts

Beautiful, practical, environmental-protecting bamboo boults and sifters of various sizes.  


Bamboo Smoking Pipe

The pipe presents the natural color of bamboo except the iron hide bar for welding and smoking. It’s too delicate to be a smoking pipe.


Jingdong Walnut

Main economic crop in Jingdong, produced in Wuliangshan and Ailaoshan Mountains, the fruit has high nutritional value.



Best Time to Travel

Annual average climate in Jingdong is 18℃, not too hot in summer nor too cold in winter, with concentrated rainfall in trenchant rainy seasons. Scenery season lasts from May to October.



Binlin Agritainment, Qingliang St. in Qingliang Village.  13887948448

Friendship Restaurant, Qingliang St. in Qingliang Village.   0879-6321388

Taos’ Manor, Douge Gas Station.   13988118135

Chuangguang Brotherhood, Daba Bridge,Qiansuo Village in Jingdong.       13578199976

Xishan Agritainment, Beitun Village in Jingdong.  13577969299

Longfengchengxiang, Lingyun Rd. in Jingdong. 13769095989

Junzhang Eels Noodle, Lingyun Rd. in Jingdong. 13577927989



Nanyanghe Hotal, Lingyun Rd.  0879-6220933

Lantian Hotel, beside the People’s Conference Hall,  0879-6229999

Yinfeng Hotel, #1 Ring Rd.  0879-6220056

Lingyun Hotel, #85 Lingyun Rd.  0879-6239399

Jingfeng Hotel, #48 Fengyu Rd.  0879-6225768