Travel Tips of Self-driving Tour to Lancang County, Puer

First Impression

Lancang County, named after the Lancang River, is an important part of Pu’er “Green Triangle” tourist area, is one of the two counties with the same name as an aqueous in Yunnan. Jingmai Dasan is one of six new Yunnan tea Dasan. Customs of Lahu and Bulang ethnic minorities can be experienced here. Rufu Church presents an ethnic appearance and western interior style. By the impact of foreign culture, half of the villagers of Laodabao National Tourism Village can play the guitar and sing in unrestrained free way, mixed with traditional national songs together, do making a flavor. What a pleasure it is to just trance or ecercise Yoga with the Dasan fragrance full of negative oxygen ions.


1. Lancang Downtown–Huimin Tourism Town(42 km)–Jingmai Mangjing Resort(27 km)

2. Lancang Downtown–Lahu Custom Park (Double A rated Scenic Area(3 km)–Nanling Mengbing Longtang Ancient Village of Lahu Nationality(78 km)

3. Lancang Downtown–Laodabao National Tourism Village in Jiujing(38 km)

Bueatiful Scene

Huimin Jingmai Mangjing Resort

the core attraction in the ancestral history of tea culture tourism project of Pu’er’s three surrounding counties. Contains 8 tourist cottage composition including Jingmaishan conservation area, Huimin integrated services town, Fula hot springs, Manggeng, Mengben, Jingmai Grand Village, Rugan, Wengji, the upper Mangjing, the lower Mangjing, and Manghong. Mangjing was listed as “Top 10 of China’s most attractive leisure village.

Nanling Mengbing Longtang Ancient Village

a Lahu village over 70 km away from the county seat. “Yekuo Lahu” holy mountain locates in the village. Villages in Mengbing maintains a simple folk custom, retains Lahu traditional houses, dances and other characteristics, and Longtong Village stands for the most typical one. The village has only a few households, planting bananas and other fruit trees around the houses, on the thatched roofs rising smoke from kitchen chimneys, inadvertently constituting an ancient beautiful scene, also making the village a fairy wonderland away from the hustle and bustle.

Lahu Custom Park

the park covers an area over 300 acres, showing Lahu history, Lahu literature & art, and Lahu tradition, it is a tourism area combines leisure and entertainment as one.

Jiujing Laodabao

the famous village of Lahu dancing, it is the heritage base for “Mu PA Mi Pa” the national non-material cultural heritage and famous Lahu Creation Epic. Tourists can experience the traditional Lusheng dance, swing dance and popular “Happy Lahu””It Is Reluctant”.

Cultural Experiences

Ethnic Festival Activity

Gourd Festival

April 8~10, Lahu People in Lancang celebrate by dancing and exchanging glutinous rice cakes, to express the wish for a bright future of this nationality come out from a gourd.

New Rice Festival

at the beginning of the 8th Lunar month, villagers from Dongwen and other villages bring newly-harvested crops and other special food to celebrate their grand harvest. Due to the harvest time varies every year, the festival could fall on a random day in early Augest.


Blood pork

scarlet row pork and uncooked blood dressed with emerald charge mixture, wild color and wild taste. 

Tea leaves

Lahu and Dai people in Lancang obtain tea leaves and make them special dishes such as tea-boiled rice, cold servered tea leaves, and sour tea leaves.

Lancang chicken


Many well-known or unknown wild flowers often appear in the Lancang local restaurants, the most common ones are banana flower and white flowers that are similar to the Bauhinia Flower.


Hualong Grand Hotel

Address: Minzu St. Langcang.  

Average Consumption: 80 yuan


Lancang Kangxin Inn     

Address: Huimin Tourism Town    

Consumption: starting at 488 yuan    

Tel: 0879-7521888


Yunnan Jingmai Brilliant Resort and SPA      

Address: Organic Tea Plantation of Brilliant Jingmaishan Pu’er Tea Manor      

Consumption: starting at 3240 yuan      

Tel: 0879-7525666 


Lancang A’baila Leisure Villa      

Address: Fengwangshenshu Rd. Mangjing Village in Huimin Town            

Consumption: starting at 380 yuan      

Tel: 15087982676


Pu’er Tea(Jingmai Tea)

Made of Dashu tea leaves produced in Jingmaishan, with special process refined. 

Traveling Info

Best Time to Travel

Lancang is available all the year round, February to May is the proper time to enjoy the mature spring tea in tea plantation, late May to late September for tea in rainy season, September to November for autumn tea.  


1. Zhana Leisure Attic(Lahu flavor)  

Jianshe Rd.



2. Lahu Hometown(Lahu flavor)  

Jianshe Rd. 



3. Yeyan Restaurant        

Daqiaotou in Menglang Town



4. Red Mansion Restaurant          

Dacaoba Reservoir 



5. Daixiangyuan(Dai flavor)  

Ring Rd.



6. Chayuan Restaurant      

Mengben, Jingmai



7. Jingmai Family(Dai flavor)      

Manggeng, Jingmai



8. A’ka Hearth Liquor              

en route Jingmai Dasan



1.Lancang Inn   


#26 Jianshe Rd. Lancang


2. Western Yunnan Wan Inn    


Menglang St. Lancang


3. Xiaokang Inn    


Donglang Rd. Lancang


4. Hualong Hotel    


Minzu St. Lancang  


5. Lancang Chaxiang Inn    



6. Lancang Yaliang Hotel      



7. Jinfu Hotel              


Auto Repairing Shops

Pengpo Auto Repair  



New Era Auto Repair    


Shopping Stores

Lanhuahua Ethnic Crafts      

Minzu St.


Royal Tea Manor  

The Intersection of G214 & Wenquan Rd.


Shengda Ancient Tea Manor    

Beside Yuanju KTV Salon


Daxing Discount Supermarket      

Jianshe Rd.


Tianshengxiang Supermarket      

Jianshe Rd.         


Tsingtao Brewery Beer City Lancang Branch


Athena KTV Salon    

Lahu Square

New Giants KTV Salon    

Minzu St.

Sunshine Sukh Niwas      

Former Silan Rd.