Yubeng impression boutique Inn

Chinese Name:雨崩印象精品客栈
English Name:Yubeng impression boutique Inn
ADD: located between Upper Yubeng and Lower Yubeng
Tele: 13608885011

Yubeng impression boutique Inn is located between Upper Yubeng and Lower Yubeng, it’s a typical Tibetan houses with a independent yard where you can enjoy the sight of Kawagarbo Snow Mountain. You could also catch the sight of sunset against the snow mountain and admire the view of Shennv Peak and Wuguan Peak. It’s said by visitors to be the best hostel in the whole Yubeng Village. The inn is equipped with Wi-fi and 24-hour hot water supplied from the independent gas, so even a power outage occurs, the hot water is still available. The food is delicious and the owner is warm-hearted who will provide a considerate service for customers.