Diqing Prefecture Children Welfare Institute

Deqin Prefecture Social Welfare Institute is the only public children’s welfare institution in the entire prefecture, officially opened in August 2018. Currently, it cares for 48 orphaned and disabled children. In recent years, the institute has focused closely on implementing measures outlined in the “Ten Measures for Management and Service of Children’s Welfare Institutions” and the “Precision Management and Fine Service Quality Improvement Action Plan for Children’s Welfare Institutions in Yunnan Province.” Emphasizing management of children entering and leaving the institution, service guarantees, and standardized management, the institute has strengthened internal operations and improved service quality. Simultaneously, it has continuously gathered support from various sectors of society to enhance the nurturing environment and strive to make orphaned and disabled children feel the warmth of a home.

With the goal of creating a comprehensive welfare institution integrating nurturing, treatment, education, and health, the institute dedicates itself to safeguarding the growth of abandoned children. It has enhanced its capacity for centralized care, constructing multi-functional and multi-directional infrastructure. Investments exceeding 1.189 million yuan have been made to renovate internal facilities such as bathrooms and perimeter walls. Additionally, 509,000 yuan was invested in refurbishing indoor walkways, showers, and outdoor steps. A further 398,000 yuan was allocated to establish a multi-functional electronic classroom and staff activity room. Moreover, 985,000 yuan was used to renovate sports facilities including basketball courts, badminton courts, and tennis courts, ensuring a comfortable and desirable living environment for the children in residence.

Efforts have also been made to streamline medical treatment access, actively negotiating and signing agreements with the Deqin Prefecture Hospital for designated medical services. Hospital doctors regularly conduct on-site consultations, gradually improving green channels for medical treatment and ensuring simplified procedures and prompt service acceptance during medical emergencies. The institute focuses on enhancing rehabilitation training services, securing a 1.86 million yuan designated rehabilitation project for disabled children in 2023. Plans include establishing physical rehabilitation rooms, sensory training rooms, psychological counseling rooms, and language training rooms. Upon completion, these rehabilitation services will benefit both the institute’s residents and nearby disadvantaged disabled children.

In educational initiatives, the institute has hired two temporary staff members from unemployed university graduates to oversee children’s academic progress, alongside designated “family teachers.” Measures such as remedial teaching, strengthening fundamentals, and expanding educational horizons are implemented to improve the children’s academic achievements. Additionally, periodic visits are conducted to schools and guardians of the children to jointly explore effective educational strategies.

The institute has established regulations and procedures for children entering and leaving the institution, ensuring that incoming children undergo medical examinations and infectious disease checks at medical institutions. Measures related to school registration, social security, and medical insurance are also implemented to safeguard the children’s well-being.

Chinese Name:迪庆自治州孤儿院/迪庆藏族自治州社会福利院
English Name: Diqing Prefecture Children Welfare Institute
地址:德钦县民政局社会福利院 云南省德钦县升平镇南坪街