Yubeng Village Tours Packages

Yubeng tours are usually hiking tours. Yubeng hiking is one of the most fantastic experiences for hikers. These special trekking routes including Yubeng Village are usually combined with the destinations like Feilaisi, Meili Snow Mountain, Three Parallel Rivers and Tiger Leaping Gorge. Tourist can also have a 4-day classic trekking tour in Yubeng Village. During the hiking tour, visitors can enjoy beautiful natural scenery and make a pilgrimage at Ice Lake, Sacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake, as well as walk through the age-old villages, ancient forests, flower-carpeted valleys and colorful meadows. 

Classic Yubeng Hiking Route

The 4-day classic trekking route commonly starts at Xidang Village, walking into Yubeng Village from Nanzong Mountain Pass, then respectively heading to Ice Lake, Sacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake. In the end, the hiking route ends at Ninong village

Yubeng Hiking Route

Hiking Tours Including Yubeng Village

Yubeng Village Tour Planning

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