Yubeng Village Transportation

Yubeng village is located in the hinterland of Meili Snow Mountain, and its geographical location is remote, so it maintains a good original ecological and natural landscape. Because of the unique topography, there is no highway to Yubeng Village, hiking and riding a horse are main ways to get into and out Yubeng Village. Yubeng transportation is not convenient. 

How to Get to Yubeng Village

If you want to go to Yubeng Village, you should arrive at Deqin county first. Then, go the starting point of Yubeng hiking (Xidang Village) from Feilaisi or Deqin Bus Terminal. 

Kunming-Deqin County

Departing from Kunming West Bus Station, there is only one sleeping bus to Deqin every day. 

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Duration Price
Kunming West Bus Station Deqin Bus Terminal 19:00 15-16 hours CNY 158

Notes: The sleeping bus stops for break every 2-3 hours. From 2:00 to 5:00 in the early morning is the parking break.

Shangri-la-Deqin County

After arriving at Shangri-La, usually tourists should take long-distance bus from Shangri-La to Deqin, then transfer to Xidang village, the starting point of Yubeng hiking.

Bus Schedule

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Duration Price
Shangri-la Bus Terminal Deqin Bus Terminal 08:20, 09:20, 10:30, 12:30, 14:30 About 3.5 hours CNY 62

Notes: It's recommended to buy your ticket the day before if possible. There are also minivans at the long-distance bus station that will leave when they are full at the price of 100 yuan per person (the drivers will shout "Deqin, Deqin!" to passers-by).

Lijiang-Deqin County

After arriving at Lijiang, tourists can take long-distance bus to Deqin. There is only one long-distance bus to Deqin from Lijiang every day. 

Departure Station Arrival Station Departure Time Duration Price
Lijiang Bus Station Deqin Bus Terminal 09:00 8-9 hours CNY 122

Deqin County-Feilaisi-Xidang

After arriving at Deqin County, according to the time, if it is already afternoon, you can go to Feilaisi Monastery for one night. There are buses to Feilaisi at Deqin bus terminal, 5 yuan one person. You can also take a taxi. It's very easy to take a taxi to Feilaisi Monastery, lasting for only 20 minutes. You can settle down in a hotel and make further arrangements of your hiking tour next day (to Xidang Hot Spring). Sometimes, the long-distance bus from Shangri-La to Deqin will continue to drive to Feilaisi for an additional 5 yuan. You can ask the driver when you take the long-distance bus. There is no regular bus from Feilaisi to Xidang village. If you want to go to Xidang from Feilailai, you can charter or carpool with other tourists. 

Deqin County-Xidang Village

Xidang village is the only way to Yubeng village. The distance between Deqin Bus Terminal and Xidang parking lot is about 43 kilometers. There are regular buses to Xidang Village at Deqin bus terminal every day. You can also charter or carpool, about 150-200 yuan, 1.5 hours driving. The road condition to Xidang village is not very good. Then, you can start your Yubeng hiking tour from Xidang. 

Notes: All the prices are for reference, and the specific conditions shall prevail. In addition, when finishing your tour, get out of Yubeng village from Ninong/Xidang, then go to the parking lot. Once again, you can charter or carpool to Shangri-la, Deqin and Feilaisi. If the time is right, you can also take a regular bus to Deqin County

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How to Get Around Yubeng Village

Yubeng hiking is one of the most fantastic experiences for hikers. Starts at Xidang Village, walking into Yubeng Village from Nanzong Mountain Pass, then respectively heading to Ice LakeSacred Waterfall and Sacred Lake. In the end, the hiking route ends at Ninong village. So the main way of getting around is by walking.

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