Yubeng Village Overview

Yubeng is a tiny Tibetan village in Northern Yunnan that might just be the most stunning place in Asia. Snow covered peaks surround lush green valleys filled with birds, butterflies, flowers and prayer flags.

‣ Where is Yubeng Village

Yubeng Village is located in Yunling Country, Deqin County, Yunnan Province. Situated in the back of Meili Snow Mountain, Yubeng Village has a unique geographical environment with only 20 households and one way access to the outside world.

‣ Basic Information of Yubeng Village

• Chinese Name: 雨崩村

• Altitude: 3,000 meters

• Population: About 20 households

• Opening Time: All Day Long

• Recommended Visit Time: 2 to 3 days

• Recommended Travel Season: Spring & Autumn

‣ Legend about Yubeng Village

It is said that in the old times, Yubeng Village was unknown to the outside world. One day, an old man was found trying to borrow highland barley from Xidang Village near Lancang River. No one knew where he came from; so some people figured out an idea and traced him but in vain because on the way the old man disappeared. Later on, when he came back for more food again, Xidang villagers objected and told him: “we aren’t going to lend you barley or wheat, but just some millet”. When they loaded the food for the old man, some smart guys made small holes on the bags. The villagers traced him till a huge rock where the old man disappeared again. They were astonished and found that there was a village beneath the rock. So the surprised and uninformed villagers pried up the rock and Yubeng Village was discovered 

‣ Yubeng Attractions

Yubeng Village is divided into Upper Yubeng and Lower Yubeng. From Upper Yubeng, trekkers have access to the Sino-Japanese Base Camp in Kawakarpo of Meili Snow Mountain. From Lower Yubeng, yon can find the paths to the Sacred Waterfall. Along the way, you can enjoy the wonderful views of Shizhuan Tianshu (sealed characters written on stones, 石篆天书) and Wushu Tonggen (five trees share the same root, 五树同根).

• Sacred Waterfall

Sacred Waterfall is located in the south part of Kawakarpo. Tibetan people consider having a bath under the Sacred Waterfall as a ceremony of washing their soul and mind.

• Ice Lake

With the altitude of 3,800 meters, Ice Lake is the highest point that we can reach in Yubeng Village. It takes one hour to arrive from the Base Camp.

• Ninong Valley

Ninong Valley is located in the downstream of Yubeng Valley. It is the only way to get into Yubeng Village except for Xidang. Getting away from Ninong Valley is more comfortable but longer than getting away from Xidang.

‣ What to Eat in Yubeng Village

The villagers eat simple food. Yak, buttered tea, Baba and potatoes can be a meal. The village started to power up in 2012. Both Upper Yubeng and Lower Yubeng have hotels, where food and drinks are provided. But they are expensive. There are small Sichuan restaurants there, too. 

‣ Recommended Hotels in Yubeng Village

There are some guesthouses in Upper and Lower Yubeng where food and drinks are also served, such as Yubeng Village Walker's Home Inn (雨崩村徒步者之家客栈), Meili Yubeng Paradise Inn (梅里雨崩天堂客栈).

Transportation of Yubeng

You can take a long-distance bus to Deqin County from Shangri-La. After you arrive at Deqin County, you can take a long-distance bus at 3:00 pm to Xidang Village or you may rent a car to get there. It is 8 kilometers from Xidang Village to Xidang Hot Springs. You can rent a car to get there. The price should be negotiated face to face. Yubeng Village is only accessible from Xidang Hot Springs by walking or riding a horse. It takes you five to six hours to get to Yubeng Village on foot.

Best Time to Visit Yubeng Village

From May to July in late spring and early summer and from September to October in autumn are the best time to visit Yubeng Village. From May to July, the flowers are blossoming. From September to October, the scenery is charming. The temperature difference during the two seasons is great; you'd better take enough warm clothes with you when you travel.

• Yubeng Hiking Tips

1. The equipment is mainly clothing and shoes. It is humid in Meili area with plenty of rain, so you should pay attention to rain and moisture. And you have better prepare some insect repellent medicine to protect yourself from Tibetan louse.

2. If there are two people or more want to ride horse, you need to draw lots to decide to ride which horse. No matter what you get, you cannot change your horse by your own; otherwise you possibly rent no horse and cause troubles. This rule made by Tibetans is their own way to ensure fairness and it is useful in many places of Tibet.

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Respect the local custom: in some places of Yubeng Village, there is a special marriage system, namely, polygamy, that is, a woman can be married to more than one person. When you communicate with Tibetans, you must pay attention to their subtle relationship.

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