Baihualing Ecology Tourist Zone in Baoshan

Baihualing Ecology Tourist Zone

Baihualing Ecology Tourist Zone(百花岭生态旅游区)is a magical place which enjoys the steepness of the Three Gorges, the majesty of Huangguoshu Waterfall and the tranquility of Jiuzhaigou. It is an uncompromising natural scenic spot.Along the Baihualing scenic spot, it is the famous Gaoligong Mountain section of the South Silk Road. Today’s ancient road is covered with green velvet moss and millennium dead leaves, which is even more secluded. After a long period of time, many sections of the ancient road were covered with deciduous soil, and a little attention was paid to the faintly defined horseshoe prints. It is a charming natural scenic spot with profound history.

Where is Baihualing Ecology Tourist Zone?

Located in south of the Gaoligongshan Mountain Natural Reserve, Baihualing is in Baihualing Village of  Mangkuan Town in Longyang District. It is 119 km from downtown of Baoshan City.

How to get to Baihualing Ecology Tourist Zone?

Baihualing is 119 km away from downtown of Baoshan City. Travelers can rent a car driving to Baihualing. It is also the ideal way to hike or cycle from Tangxi Village to Baihualing.

Main Attractions

Ancient Roads(古道)

Up to now, there are three ancient roads left in Mangkuan. The first one is Baihualing Ancient Road: This is the famous ancient southern silk road – Shuyuan Road, which is a long-established pedestrian path built around the middle of the 4th century. The third is the Huipo Road: it is an ancient road from West Asia to Tengchong. According to research, the Huipo Road was developed in the middle of the Ming Dynasty. The Huipo Road is not only connected to the frontiers and the mainland, but also an international gateway to Central Asia. Nowadays, the functions of these three ancient ramps have been lost and become history, but they can become the way for people to discover history.

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Home of Mr. Wu in Baihualin village is a private museum that collects dozens of bullets, shells, grenades, steel helmets, military spurs, horse lanterns, big knives, etc. during the Anti-Japanese War. These things are made by different countries, like Hanyang, Japan, and the United States.

Yinyang Valley Hot Spring(阴阳谷温泉)

Yinyanggu Hot Spring is located in the jungle hinterland of Gaoligong Mountain at an altitude of about 1000. It is about 5 kilometers from the Yutang village to the hot spring. There was a scream of slipping on the way. There is a waterfall, which was called as the beauty waterfall. Going forward for another 100 meters, there are two hot springs, big one for male and small one for female.

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Useful Travel Tips

  1. Baihualing offers the complete tourism facilities, covering the favorable restaurants and accommodation.
  2. It is advisable to visit the Shuanghong Ancient Bridge above the Nujiang River.
  3. It is free to travel around Baihualing.