Baofeng Old Town in Yunlong County, Dali

Baofeng Ancient Town in Yunlong County

Baofeng Ancient Town(宝丰古镇) is one of the birthplaces of the ancestors of Yunlong, located in the county seat of Yunlong County, Dali Bai Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It was once the governor of Yunlong Prefecture in the Qing Dynasty. Like the Lijiang Ancient Town, Baofeng Town also wnjoys thw long and profound history. The houses of Baofeng are typical Bai people’s residence style. Some are tall and sturdy, and some are small and exquisite. It was called Majing or Jinquanjing. In the early Ming Dynasty, due to the massive exploitation of well salt, the local salt industry was very prosperous. The court was set up for the salt industry. In the second year of Chongzhen period of Ming (1629), Yunlong Prefecture moved from Sanqi Village to Baofeng until 1929. For 300 years, Baofeng had been the seat of Yunlong Prefecture (county) and was the political, economic and cultural center of Yunlong.

How to get to Baofeng Ancient Town?

It is 150 km from Dali to Yunlong. Baofeng is 11 km from the county seat of Yunlong. Travelers can take the shuttles from Xiaguan to Yunlong Passenger Station. There are the mini-bus from passenger station to Baofeng Ancient Town. It takes you RMB 7. After 10 minutes, you can get off in Baofeng Ancient Town.

Main Attractions

Baofeng is a historic town, and the main attractions are the historic and cultural relics.

1.Baiyige Temple (白衣阁)

Baiyige Temple of Baofeng Town is located in the Delong Mountain, west of Baofeng Town, with altitude of 1710 meters. According to the ancient record of Baiyige, it is built in 1644 and finished in 1645. In its prosperous, there are Taihe Temple and Yuhuang Temple etc. standing besides the Bayige Temple. It was entitled as the key protection unit of Yunlong County. 

2.Daluoma Post Office (大雒马邮亭)

Baofeng Old Town in Yunlong County, Dali

Daluoma Post Office, as the site of ancient post office, is located in Daluoma Mountain, 3 km from the ancient town. It was built in Kangxi Period, 1698. It was the oldest post office in west Yunnan and the important station of the Tea and Horse Caravan Road. It is the rare material for ths study on history of Yunnan post. It was entitled as the key protection unit of Yunlong County in 2002.

3.Fulong Temple (福隆寺)

Located in the northeast of Baiyige, Delong Mountain, with the altitude of 1600 meters. Built in Ming Dynasty, there is only a big hall now. 

4.Xiufeng Pagoda(秀峰塔)

Xiufeng Pagoda was built in Ming Dynasty and repaired in 1842. With the square base, it is the solid stone pogoda. It is 6.31 meters high. There are four Buddhist altars in the fourth and sixth stories, with the statues of Sakyamuni, Four Kings and Amitabha. It is the only one ancient pagoda of Yunlong County, also the exquisite pagoda of Dali Prefecture.

5.Former Residence of Dong Ze (董泽故居)

Baofeng Old Town in Yunlong County, Dali

The former residence of Dong Ze is the key protection unit of Yunlong County. Dong Ze is the founder of Yunnan University, the president of Donglu University, and member of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference. It has an area of 1,300 square meters. It enjoys the characters of the traditional Bai architectures.

Useful Travel Tips

Baofeng enjoys the favorable climate, so travelers can visit Baofeng Ancient Town all the seasons.
There are many advisable local snacks. They are recommended for you to taste the local flavor.