Nanjian Earth Forest, Dali

Nanjian Earth Forest

Nanjian Earth Forest(南涧土林) is located in Hegu Plain of Nanjian County. There are five main attractions in Nanjian Earth Forest, covering Xishanjiao(西山脚), Zongfuzhuang(总府庄), Yingdi(营地) etc.The  earth forest behind Zongfuzhuang is the largest and grandest area. The earth peak are in diverse shapes, ranging from the trees to the rocket. It will be more interesting with your imagination.

It will be interesting to walk into the art palace of this nature sculpture and roam through the rugged trails along the rugged path, getting into the unfathomable cave, walking into the dark and narrow valley, and then climbing to the steep peak. Throughout the earth forest, you can see the strange shapes and get into the magical wonderland.

How to get to Nanjian Earth Forest?

Nanjian Earth Forest is located in  004 countryside road, Nanjian County, Dali Prefecture. It is advisable for travelers to drive from Dali or rent a car in Nanjian. It will be more conveninet to transfer.


There is an eye-catching peak, “Wangfu Peak”(望夫峰). According to legend, there was an Yi village in the forest. The villagers lived here peacefully and happily. One day, a group of demons came here, disrupting the calm of the cottage, destroying the forest, trampling the mountain flowers, and driving away the birds and beasts. In order to protect the cottage, a young Yi man named Zhaduo(扎朵) led the youths of the whole village to fight against the demons, the demons fleeing away. He chased the monsters years and years. Since then, Zhaduo did not returned. His wife, Ma Yinghua(马樱花), stood at the entrance of the village every day waiting for her husband’s return. Year after year, she turned into this Wangfu Peak.

Useful Travel Tips

When the weather is fine in Dali, the sunshine is heated, and ultraviolet light is strong. People should avoid direct sunlight, and the sun hat preparation is required during outdoor activities, a pair of sunglasses will make you comfortable in the trip.