Heihuijiang River, Dali

Heihuijiang River

Heihuijiang River(黑惠江) is 349 kilometers long and flows through Lijiang, Dali, Menghua and Yongchang. It is known as the “one water across the four places”. Heihuijiang River originates from Baihanchang, Jiuhe Township, Lijiang County, with a length of 341.8 kilometers. Among them, Lijiang County has a length of 23.8 kilometers, 61.3 kilometers in Jianchuan County, and 46.2 kilometers in Wuyuan County. The elevation of origin of this river is 2780 meters. The total height difference of the river is 1790 meters, with an average drop of 3.4 ‰. It is a tributary of the left bank of the middle reaches of the Lancang River. It is the river with the largest drainage area and the longest flow in the Yunnan Province. It is narrow in north and wide in south. It plays a decisive role in Dali Prefecture, with a drainage area accounting for 42.8% of the total river area of Dali.

Where is Heihuijiang River?

It derives from Jiuhe of Tiejia Mountain and Luofeng Mountain of Laojun Mountain, converges with the Jianchuan Lake. It flows across Eryuan, Dengchuan, Dali and Yangbi. Finally, it goes to Lancang River in Chajiang River.

Specialty of Heihuijiang River

Shabachong (沙坝虫)

Locals call it water centipede. It is not poisonous as the centipede. Shabachong likes the humid environment and hates the light. They are generally lying lazily in the warm sand and sediment. In the early morning, they will exploded after the ebb tide. It is a kind of delicious food with high protein.

Fish and Shrimp (鱼虾)

Heihuijiang River, Dali

There are many kinds of fish in Heihui River. The unique one is Baike Fish, which has white shell because of its fine white color. The locals also call it “white shell fish” . If the shrimps of the Erhai Sea are royalties, the shrimps of Heihui River are civilians with royal bloodlines between the streams. Although the shrimps of Heihuijiang are civilians, they do not lose the deliciousness and charm of the royal family. They are the best companion with wine in the local food.

Main Attraction

Yujin Bridge

The meandering Heihui River runs through Shaxi from north to south in the east. There is a crescent-shaped ancient bridge, Yujin Bridge, across the river, which is set off by distant towering green mountains.Yujin bridge was built in the Qing Dynasty Kangxi, a few hundred years war collapsed and damaged, in 1931, Yunnan Province Dali Shaxi Jianchuan County public fundraising to build ancient bridge, Bai famous scholar Zhao Fan as Yujin bridge repair specifically wrote “bridges offering cited”.

Useful Travel Tips

Take care of yourself when walking along the river. 

You can visit Heihuijiang River all the year since it enjoys the favorable climate.