Provincial Inheritors of Intangible Cultural Heritages

To standardize China’s intangible cultural heritage protection work, the State Council issued the notice on strengthening the protection of cultural heritage and make a 4-level protection system, namely Nation-Province-City-County protection system. It urged all localities and departments concerned to carry out the work principle of “Protection with High Priority, Rescue First, Rational Utilization, Inheritance and Development” and earnestly do a good job in the protection, management and rational utilization of intangible cultural heritage. 

Yunnan, a multi-cultural province in southwestern China, is rich with intangible cultural heritage, with as many as 26 ethnic groups, out of a total of 56 in China, residing in the province. It is necessary to preserve and value the cultural heritage of a country as the heritage reflects the image of that country and its people. Yunnan provincial inheritors of intangible cultural heritage, who are widely distributed in all ethnic groups in Yunnan, not only play an irreplaceable role in the inheritance of outstanding ethnic cultures, but also play an outstanding driving role in the development of a local economy, tourism and cultural industries.

Regional Distribution of Provincial Inheritors in Yunnan