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Chengjiang City (澄江市), is located in Yuxi, Yunnan Province, China, just north of Fuxian Lake. Lying in the central plateau of Yunnan in the northern subtropical zone with a fairly low latitude, and under the regulating effects of Fuxianhu Lake and Yangzonghai Lake, Chengjiang city enjoys a very mild climate, with spring-like weather all the year round. In the plains the annual man temperature is 15.5 Centigrade, and the annual rainfall 958 mm. The raining season falls on May through October. Enjoying the picturesque landscape of Fuxianhu Lake, Fuxianhu city is an idea place for holiday. It is remarkable since it is the fossil site, which can be the connection to the cambrian period.


Fossil Site: Maotianshan is an important shales and zoolites site and gives more materials about cambrian period.

Natural Landscape: Chengjiang city enjoys rich and unique scenery, such as Fuxian Lake Scenic Area, Fengshan Park and Bijia Mountain.

Cultural Landscape: Chengjiang is a place with long history, enjoying the Ancient Tombs of Jinlianshan and Xueshan Mountains and Xiazuosuo Mosque.

Guansuo Opera: Known as the “Living Fossil of Chinese Opera”, it is a rare ancient opera which only can be seen in Xiaotun Village of Yangzong Town. It is also the intangable cultural heritage.

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    Chengjiang Attractions

    Enjoying the picturesque landscape of Fuxianhu Lake, Chengjiang county is an idea place for holiday. There are many top attractions in Chengjiang. It is remarkable since it is the fossil site, which can be the connection to the cambrian period. Travelers can feel the mysterious cambrian period, appreciate the rare ancient Guansuo Opera and roam along the beach. There are many top attractions in Chengjiang, such as Fuxian Lake Scenic Area, Fengshan Park, Bijia Mountain and Ancient Tombs of Jinlianshan [...]

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    Chengjiang Tours

    Yunnan Exploration elaborately arranges some tour packages of Chengjiang for travelers, which covers main attractions of Chengjiang like Fuxianhu Scenic Area, Maotianshan Shales and Zoolites Site as well as other top destinations in Yunnan. Tour packages of Chengjiang refer to the fossil site, the opera performance and charming landscape etc., such as 8 Days Deluxe Kunming, Shilin, Mile Jianshui Photo Tour with Yuanyang Rice Terraces and Fuxianhu Lake. Moreover, tours of Chengjiang can be customized according to your specific needs. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Chengjiang , China Climate & When to Go

    The climate in Chengjiang is warm and temperate. Chengjiang County belongs to four climate types, namely, the middle subtropics, the north subtropics, the south temperate zone and the middle temperate zoneThis location is classified as Csa by Köppen and Geiger. The average annual temperature in Chengjiang is 17.1 °C. The rainfall here averages 981 mm. Climate Graph The driest month is January, with 12 mm of rain. Most precipitation falls in July, with an average of 203 mm. Temperature Graph June is the warmest [...]

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    Transportation, Chengjiang , China Transportation

    Connecting Kunming and Yuxi, the Ku-Yu Railroad (kūn yù tiě lù 昆玉铁路), which is the first local railroad built at local expenses in China, has become a new economic main line in Middle Yunan.The highway network is Yuxi is composed of three levels of highways. The National Highways, Kunming -Yuxi Superhighway and Yuxi-Yuanjiang Superhighway, are arterial lines. The highways start from Yuxi to all the counties, which all exceed second class are frameworks. And the roads lead to all the villages are [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Chengjiang is a popular tourist destination in Yunnan. It enjoys not only the charming landscape of Fuxian Lake, but also the diverse and unique culture. Chengjiang is also the only place where Nuoxi Opera can be seen. Join the featured festivals and activities of Chengjiang and you will find more. ⇒Festivals Copper Pot Gourmet Festival of Fuxian Lake (抚仙湖铜锅美食文化旅游节) Enjoying the diverse fishes, Chengjiang is an ideal place to taste different fishes. In the Luchong Scenic Area, thousands of people view the procedure of [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Where to Stay in Chengjiang Coounty 1.Fuxain Lake Hilton (抚仙湖希尔顿酒店) 2.Yuechun Resort Hotel (抚仙湖悦椿度假酒店) 3.Rongxi Yuehu Lake-view Resort Hotel (抚仙湖融熙悦湖海景度假酒店) 4.Chengjiang Courtyard Hotel (澄江小院酒店) 5.Chengjiang Hacienda Hotel (澄江庄园酒店) 6.Guanlan Resort Hotel (抚仙湖观澜度假酒店) 7.Meet You Inn (澄江遇忱度假酒店)   What to Visit in Chengjiang County Fuxianhu Scenic Area in Chengjiang County, Yuxi (抚仙湖景区) Maotianshan Shales and Zoolites Site in Chengjiang County, Yuxi (澄江帽天山古生物化石群) The Ancient Tombs of Jinlianshan and Xueshan Mountains in Chengjiang County, Yuxi (澄江金莲山、学山遗址群) Zhizhou Tower in Chengjiang County, Yuxi (澄江志舟楼) Xipu Park [...]

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    Useful Maps

    To help you have a better understanding about Chengjiang, and plan a Chengjiang tour easily, Yunnan Exploration offers some very useful Chengjiang tourist maps, including Chengjiang location maps, region maps, Chengjiang attractions mas, maps of scenic spots around Chengjiang, which may be helpful in your Chengjiang travel. [...]

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    Chengjiang Accommodation

    As one of top tourist destinations of Yunnan, Chengjiang county enjoys favorable accommodation. There are many high-quality and luxury hotels around Fuxian Lake Scenic Area. Travelers can have a good holiday here. Yunnan Exploration offers the recommended hotels of Chengjiang county for you. English Name Chinese Name Rating Address Telephone Number Fuxain Lake Hilton 抚仙湖希尔顿酒店 5 Star No.10 Eastern Huanhu Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi City 0877-6688888   Yuechun Resort Hotel 抚仙湖悦椿度假酒店 5 Star No.8 Northern Huanhu Road, near Chengyang Road, Chengjiang County, Yuxi City 0877-6818888   Rongxi Yuehu Lake-view Resort Hotel 抚仙湖融熙悦湖海景度假酒店 4 Star Taiyangshan Resort, Fuxian Lake International Resort, Chengjiang [...]

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