Zhaotong Climate

Zhaotong Climate & Weather describes information with temperature & precipitation. Find out the best time to visit Zhaotong and see the season highlights in Zhaotong Yunnan. It also tells you what to wear in different seasons and clothes packing for your trip to Zhaotong Yunnan.

Zhaotong Climate and Weather

There are many mountains that are densely distributed in Zhaotong. Zhaotong has a three-dimensional climate characteristic of the plateau monsoon due to more significant altitude differences. There are small differences in the four seasons in Zhaotong, but there are big differences in climate at different altitudes. There are plateau climate, temperate climate and subtropical climate according to the altitudes from high to low. At the same altitude, the temperature in south Zhaotong is higher than that of the north. Lower than the north. The annual average temperature of Zhaotong is between 11°C and 21°C. The coldest temperature is in January and the monthly average temperature is between 1°C and 12°C; the hottest temperature is in July, and the monthly average temperature is between 20°C and 27°C. Zhaotong is rich in precipitation, but it is unevenly distributed in the north and south. Rainfall in south Zhaotong is more and less in north Zhaotong. Sometimes disasters and droughts occur.

Zhaotong Weather Graph by Month

The driest month is January with the rainfall of 7 mm. The wettest month is July with the average rainfall of 158 mm.

Zhaotong Average Temperature Graph

The warmest month of the year is July, with an average temperature of 20.4 °C. In January, the average temperature is 3.8 °C. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year.

Zhaotong Climate by Month

The difference in precipitation between the driest month and the wettest month is 151 mm. The average temperatures vary during the year by 16.6 °C.

Four Seasons of Zhaotong and What to Pack

Four Seasons of Zhaotong

Spring(March- May)

Humidity and temperatures combine to make this season feel moderate. It is very common with 2-6 rainy days per month. Spring is the best time to visit Zhaotong due to the fine weather.


The middle-year months have very comfortable weather with high temperatures that are comfortable. It is the rainy season of Zhaotong. June-August is the slowest season for tourism in Zhaotong, so lodging and other accommodations may cost less than usual.


The temperature in autumn ranges from 13.1°C to 24.6°C, which will feel chilly in terms of the humidity and wind. Tourism is fairly slow during these months due to the weather, so hotels may be at lower price.


The temperature in winter is coldest in a year. However, compared with other places, especially places in north China, the temperature is very high. The period is the second peak season.

What to Pack


  • Spring: Jackets, sports coats, woolen jackets, long sleeve shirts and comfortable shoes 
  • Summer: T-shirts, short sleeve shirts, skirts, sandals, caps, rain wear
  • Autumn: Western suits, jackets, sports coats, light woolen sweaters, rain wear and comfortable shoes
  • Winter: Overcoat, thick woolen sweaters, lined coats


  •  Passport, visas, related health certificates, tickets, money, credit card, map, itinerary and other important documents
  • Copies of important documents, such as Passport, Visas

Best Time to Visit Zhaotong

Zhaotong City belongs to the zone of the continental monsoon climate. The temperature of winter is quite low, but comfortable in summer. The annual average temperature is 11.6℃, the average precipitation is 735 mm and the annual sunshine reaches 1902 hours. Zhaotong is a place that can be visited all year around and the best time to visit Zhaotong is spring.

Travel Tips for Visiting Zhaotong

  • In China, please had better not travel in peak seasons, such as Chinese New YearInternational Labor Day and National Day. If you want to experience the traditional festival culture, Taking a tour during the traditional festivals of China can get the opportunity to experience the festivals culture.
  • Be careful of the changeable temperature. A few chilly days could be followed by relatively hot weather. So it is better to take some early winter clothes to protect you away from the sudden low temperature.

Zhaotong Regional Climate