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Chinese Name: 尼汝村 English IPA: Ni Ru Cun Location: Northeast of Shangri-La Population (city): 650 Language: Tibetan Language Zip code: 674409 Tel code: (+86) 0887 Time zone: UTC+8

Niru Village is one of the landmark nominated sites for the natural wonders of the World Natural Heritage in Three Rivers (Nujiang River, Lancang River and Jinsha River). It is located in the northeastern part of Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province, across the river from Dongni Township, Daocheng County and Exi Township Muli County, Sichuan Province in the east. It is connected with Yanluo Village, Luoji Township, Shangri-La in the south. It is adjacent to Jiantang Town of Shangri-La City in the west, and is bordered by Yading Township of Daocheng County in Sichuan Province and Gezan Township of Shangri-La.


Original Folk Customs: Niru Village maintains a relatively primitive folk customs. Every year, the “Dengba Festival” in July and the “Jishan Horse Racing Festival” in October include horse racing, bullfighting, singing and dancing, and worshiping gods.

A Paradise for Plants and Animals: There are lots of birch forest, which become golden in autumn. The spruce and fir in the mountains are tall and strong, pointing to the clouds, and the crowns are green and dense, sheltering from the wind and rain. The forest is home to a variety of rare animals, such as musk, bears, Tibetan eared pheasant and lynx.

Geographical Indication: Niru Village is one of the landmark nominated sites for the natural wonders of the World Natural Heritage in the “Three Rivers (Nujiang River, Lancang River, and Jinsha River).

 Ideal Place for Adventure Tour: Niru Village is an ideal destination for whom love hiking.

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    Niru Village Attractions

    What to Visit in Niru Village Niru is located in the northeastern part of Shangri-La, Diqing Prefecture, Yunnan Province. There are many attractions around Niru Village, which are worthy your time, such as Niru Village, Qicai Waterfall, Nanbao Pasture, Shudu Lake. If you want to experience the primitive folk customs of Tibetans, Niru Village will be a good place to choose. There are many old trees and the stream sounds on the way. In the old-growth forest, listen to sounds of the wind coming through [...]

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    Niru Village Tours

    When you travel to Shangri-La, Niru Village is a good place to be put on your list. Here are some tours for reference only, such as Shangri-La Niru Village Hiking Tour, Shangri-La Alpine Pasture and Niru Village Hiking Tour, Shangri-La Hiking Tour with Tiger Leaping Gorge and Niru Alpine Pasture.  It can be joined in whatever your Shangri-La Tour or Yunnan Tour. If you prefer, contact our consultant and we can adjust the itinerary of our prearranged routes or we can just tailor-make your own kind of Niru Tour. [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Niru Village , China Climate & When to Go

    Niru Village Climate The climate in Niru Village is mild, and generally warm and temperate. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. In Niru, the average annual temperature is 10.3 °C. Precipitation here averages 816 mm. Precipitation is the lowest in January, with an average of 4 mm. Most precipitation falls in July, with an average of 198 mm. At an average temperature of 16.6 °C, July is the hottest month of the year. In January, the average temperature is [...]

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    Transportation, Niru Village , China Transportation

    How to Get to Niru Village By Air If you are from some big cities, such as Beijing and Guangzhou, it is recommended to fly to Shangri-La and then transfer from Shangri-La to Luoji Township. There are two buses to Luoji Townshi. Finally, you can charter a car to Niru Village at the price of 150-200 yuan (for reference only)  By Train The Yunnan-Tibet Railway under planning stretches to Lhasa in Tibet from Kunming in Yunnan Province. The ideal for the construction of Yunnan-Tibet Railway [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Magical and magnificent mountains and rivers not only give birth to kind-hearted and expansive local people from different ethnic groups but also make the festival cultures here attractive, charming and unique. Festivals and Activities in Niru Village 1. Horse Racing Festival (Tibetan) Horse Racing Festival is celebrated from May 5th to May 7th of Chinese lunar calendar at Wufeng Mountain, which is 3,288m above the sea level. In the early morning, Tibetan people wearing their beautiful costumes and gather together, put up tents and prepare [...]

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    Travel Tips

    1. Useful Numbers in Niru Village Fire: 119       Police: 110           Ambulance: 120 Traffic: 122 Tourism Information Inquiry: 0887-8225390 Shangri-La Airport Inquiry: 0887-8229901 2. Banks Because Niru is a small place, there are no Banks of China. If you have any money exchange needs, please exchange it in Banks of China in Diqing. Therefore, please be ready for enough cash. 3. Hospitals Because Niru is a small place. There are no hospitals around Niru. Therefore, please remember to bring common medicine, such as band-aid, imodium, anti-mosquito bite medicine. 4. How to Get [...]

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    Useful Maps

    If you go to somewhere new, maps play a significant role in your travel. Maps can indicate the directions and locations for you. The maps will be helpful, such as Tourist Attractions Map of Niru Shangri-La, Location Map of Niru Shangri-La, Transportation Map of Niru in Diqing. [...]

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    Niru Village Accommodation

    A good rest plays a significant part in a travel, so choosing a favored lodging place in Niru Village should be taken into account. Compared with other famous attractions, Niru is still in the stage of development, and the accommodation conditions are not relatively good. Have no idea where to stay in Niru Village. Don't worry, Yunnan Exploration will tell you where to stay in Niru Village. 1. Niru Yizhu Laowai Inn (尼汝依主老外客栈) Tel: 13988765863 Add: Niru Village, Luoji Township, Shangri-La, Diqing, Yunnan 2. Luosang Songba Uncle (洛桑松巴大叔) Tel: 13988778948 [...]

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