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Chinese Name: 瑞丽市 English IPA: Ruili Location: South of Dehong Dai and Jinpo Autonomous Prefecture, West of Yunnan Province Population (city): over 200,000 Language: Southwestern Mandarin, Yunnan Dialect, Dialect of Western Yunnan,  Dai Dialect, Jingpo Dialect Zip code: Tel code: Time zone:

Ruili, Oriental Jewellery City, is an essential pass to Ancient South Silk Road in history, as well as the starting point for the international road transportation. Ruili, known as “Natural Forest Park” and “Kingdom of Animals and Plants”, is one of the towns where those centenarians live. If you come to Ruili, you would have chances to experience the famous national resort Ruili River, fascinating and exotic rural scenery, exciting taobao journey and so on. Ruili, with its uniqueness of Dai’s and Jingpo’s ethic culture, entices countless tourists at home and abroad.


Natural  tropical landscape
Enjoying the gifts of nature, Ruili City offers the unique subtropical rainforest scenic spots, like Moli Waterfall and Jiedonglai King of Banyan Tree.
Minority culture
The special villages pagodas in Ruili represent the local unique ethnic and religion culture, such as Bianzhai Hansha Scenic Area and Jiele Golden Pagoda.
Frontier culture
Ruili is an important border, neighboring Burma. There are some representative spots with thick exotic flavor, like Jiegao Border and A Village in Two Countries.
History sites
Ruili plays an essential role in the Anti-Japanese War, especially Wanding Town, Nanyang Overseas Chinese Jigong Anti-Japanese Monument and Wanding Museum.

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    Ruili Attractions

    In Ruili, the minority culture and exotic culture integrate perfectly. They reflect each other and shine in the city. It has a beautiful national scenic area Ruili River, a magical and beautiful tropical rain forest scenery--Moli Waterfall scenic spot, a paradise of rare animals and plants. Ruili attracts a large number of tourists from home and abroad with its unique Dai and Jingpo ethnic cultures, exotic Burmese customs and beautiful pastoral scenery. The Bianzhai Hansha Scenic Area, Jiele Golden Pagoda, Jiegao Border [...]

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    Ruili Tours

    To experience the harmony integration of ethnic culture and border culture, Ruili is the right place for you. Stepping into the special villages, figure out the local life styles. Standing on the Jiegao Border, overview the scenery of China and Burma. Walking around Wanding, recollect the mark of history. Here are some tours Yunnan Exploration suggest to you. Hope they can help you overview Ruili and enjoy your travel. There are 4-day, 10-day and 12-day tours, like 4 Days Jingpo [...]

    Climate & When to Go

    Climate & When to Go, Ruili , China Climate & When to Go

    The temperature of Ruili, with the highest of 36 degree Celsius and the lowest of 3 degree Celsius, averages around 20 degree Celsius. The climate of Ruili is subtropical humid monsoon, so the weather in Ruili could be quite comfortable. You won’t feel frozen in winter or heated in summer. The ample sunshine and abundant rain had made Ruili a colorful and popular tourism city for tourists at home and abroad. Climate Graph Precipitation is the lowest in December, with an [...]

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    Transportation, Ruili , China Transportation

    Although there is no airport in Ruili, the transportation of Ruili is convenient due to its busy trade. And the railway station is being built. Here are our advice on how to get in Ruili and get around.   How To Get In Dehong Mangshi Airport (Chinese: 德宏芒市机场) (IATA: LUM, ICAO: ZPLX)  is an airport serving Mang City in Dehong, Yunnan Province, China. It was formerly called Luxi Mangshi Airport. 1.Plane + bus or taxi Plane: Kunming to Mangshi Airlines Destinations Beijing Capital Airlines Kunming China Eastern Airlines Beijing-Capital, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai-Hongqiao, Shenzhen Kunming Airlines Kunming Lucky Air Beijing-Capital, Kunming Ruili Airlines Kunming Sichuan Airlines Chengdu, Kunming   Bus: There are buses from Mangshi to [...]

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    Festivals and Activities

    Festivals and activities of Ruili indicate the local tradition, religion belief and life styles.Enjoy the local festivals and activities, your travel will full of unique flavor. They will help you to know more about the local culture. Festivals and activities Sino-Burmese Baobo Carnival in Ruili City瑞丽中缅胞波狂欢节 “Baobo” literally means “brother” in Burmese.  China and Myanmar have been backing on each other by mountains and rivers, and inked with villages from ancient times.Sino-Myanmar Carnival of Ruili has continuously extended, being developed into a [...]

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    Travel Tips

    Where To Stay Jingcheng Dihai Hot-spring Hotel Address:East Section of Ruili Avenue, Ruili, China Jiegao Jinlong International Hotel Address:No.288 Guomen Avenue, Jiegao, Ruili, China Guomen Hotel Address:No.361 Guomen Avenue, Jiegao, Ruili, China   Where To Dine 1.Mengmao Yan Address:320 National Road, Ruili, China 2.Yingjiang San Wei Address:JiangBian Plaza 4 Building, Ruili, China     What To Do 1.Tropical Rain Forest, Moli Address: Northeast of Rui Wan Bridge, Ruili  2.One Tree Forest, Ruili Address: Jiele Country, Ruili  3.Wanding Brige Address: Wanding Town, Ruili      Best Time To Visit The best seasons: September--May of the following year During [...]

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    Useful Maps

    When we get to a strange place, maps are essential facilities for us. The maps Yunnan Exploration offers will give you a better travel. Maps cover the location map, regional map and transportation map. [...]

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    Ruili Accommodation

    Ruili is the important border and tourism city in Dehong, which offers the comfortable hotels for you. Jingcheng Dihai Hot-spring Hotel and Resort is the only one five-star hotel in Ruili. Some nice hotels are following. Name of Hotel Address Telephone Number Comment Jingcheng Dihai Hot-spring Hotel and Resort (瑞丽景成地海温泉度假中心)   East Section of Ruili Avenue, Ruili   0692-6999277 This is the only one five-star hotel in Ruili. It provides the luxury facilities and high-quality service, including the hot-spring and spa. It covers diverse rooms for you to enjoy. The superior [...]

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