Jinping County Shopping

When you come to Jinping County, you will have a chance to shop in the traditional ethnic markets for some local specialties. Jinping County shopping will bring you a unique shopping experience. Specialties in Jinping County include Tsao-Ko, pollution-free banana, gackfruit, rubber, Jinping ethnic medicine, Yao herb medicine and ethnic costume, etc.

What to Buy in Jinping County

1. Mango

Mengla Town of Jinping County is rich in tropical fruits, mango is one of them with wide varieties. For locals, mango can be eaten as fruit, or it can be used to cook mango sour fish soup, which is a fresh and delicious food.

2. Amomum Tsao-Ko草果

Tasoko is a unique and rare native product in Yunnan province. It is often used for flavor and spice. Folk people are often used as traditional Chinese medicine, spicy and poisonless. Jinping county is the main production area, and its tsaoko is of high quality.

3. Jinping Pettitoes金平猪脚

Jinping Pettitoes select high-quality pigs’ hind legs as ingredient, roast with straw stems and octagonal rice charcoal fire. Although the skin is black, it has a pleasant smell. It is a delicious dish for Jinping ethnic minorities to put on the table when they celebrate festivals.

4. Jinping Wild Ganoderma Powder

Ganoderma is always regarded as the elixir of immortality. Wild ganoderma has the functions of lowering blood pressure, lowering blood lipids, cooling and detoxifying, extending life and strengthening body. Wild ganoderma powder has been approved by the Jinping county tourism bureau as "Jinping county tourism special goods".

5. Jinping Banana金平香蕉

Jinping County is also famous for its banana. Jinping banana has the functions of protecting gastric mucosa, Lowering blood pressure and helping you sleep.

6. Yao Costumes瑶族服饰

Yao woman are skilled in Indigo dyeing, and still retains a complete printing and dyeing technology. Women of Yao is good at embroidery, skirt, cuffs, hemedge embroidered with exquisite patterns. Dressing beauty of the Yao is on the composition of the concentrated reflection of cross-stitch.

Where to Buy in Jinping county

1. Jinping Markets

There are many ethnic markets in Jinping County, including Laojizhai Market, Laomeng Sunday Market, Nafa Market and so on. When traveling in Jinping County, stroll around the ethnic markets and experience local custom by your own feet.

2. Baijia Shopping Mall百佳商贸城

Address: Dongzheng Street, Jinhe Town, Jinping County东正街

3. Jinping Shopping Center金平商贸中心

Address: No.2, Qianshao North Road, Jinhe Town, Jinping County金河镇前哨北路2号

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