Gilding Craft of Bai Ethnic Minority in Heqing County, Dali 

Chinese Name:大理州鹤庆县鎏金工艺 
English Name: Gilding Craft of Bai Ethnic Minority in Heqing County, Dali 


Liuyi Duan(段六一)

Xinhua Village(新华村) is a “Hometown of Chinese Folk Art” with a history of thousands of years of silversmithing, in Heqing County(鹤庆县), Dali Prefecture(大理州), Yunnan Province(云南省). Grew up under the influence of ethnic handicraft culture, Liuyi Duan has experienced the unique charm of handmade silverware since childhood,genating a strong interest in the traditional production of silver handicrafts. In the spare time, he learned the traditional craftsmanship of gold, silver and copper handicrafts from his father, and established the goal of designing and making handicrafts after growing up. In his Leisure time, Liuyi Duan always likes to copy some traditional auspicious patterns. In July 1987, after graduating from junior high school, he focused on following his father to learn the traditional handmade processes and craftsmanship of gold, silver, and copper crafts.

Tibetan Ammunition Bag and Fire Chain(藏式弹袋和火链)

Because of being taught by his father carefully and studying folk craftsmanship personally, Liuyi Duan became proficient in the processing processes and techniques of various metal crafts, and was good at the design and production of various Tibetan-style Buddha-serving supplies and large silverware crafts, especially in gilt and openwork carving. In 2005, Duan Liuyi started recruiting apprentices and led them to the Tibetan area to make Tibetan Buddhist supplies. First, Buddha statues, butter lamps, barley boxes, combined eight treasure maps, Tibetan belts, pagodas, Buddha backs, lotus seats, water purification bowls, Tibetan tea bowls, tea stands, indoor altars, various types of Tibetan knives, relief murals, etc. were processed at Jiangka Temple(江卡寺) in Batang County, Sichuan Province(四川甘孜州巴塘县). Then, they made stupas for temples such as Jiangka Temple(江卡寺) and Litang Temple(理塘寺), as well as refurbished and restored of architectural decorations on the gates of the temples.

Tibetan and Mongolian knives
Gilded pagoda鎏金佛塔
Tibetan Tea Stand藏式茶架
Song Yun handmade silver pot松韵手工银壶
Geometric lotus rhyme handmade silver pot几何荷韵手工银壶
Beast head handmade silver pot兽首手工银壶
Mugui handmade silver pot暮归手工银壶
Cicada rhyme handmade silver pot蝉韵手工银壶
Now, LiuyiDuan has developed his own silver and copper handicrafts with his solid skills. Liuyi Duan was hired as a special professor by the China Academy of Arts and Crafts in 2015. In the same year, he was also hired as a visiting professor of undergraduate summer “social practice”(社会实践) by the Academy of Arts & Design , Tsinghua University. His silver forging and design works have also won awards in national and provincial competitions many times. The “Inlaid Crack Silver Pot”(镶嵌裂纹银壶) created by him Won the gold medal of “China National Arts and crafts masterwork · Hundred Flowers Award”(百花奖) at the first China National Arts and Crafts Treasure Exhibition(中国民族工艺美术神工) in 2013.
Liuyi Duan Explains Engraving Techniques to Apprentices段六一给徒弟讲解錾刻技巧

Through the development of these years, Liuyi Duan has trained nearly 100 apprentices. Although he has obtained certain achievements, as a traditional folk craftsman, he deeply feels the importance and urgency the heritage and development of folk arts and crafts in the process of engaging in metal craftsmanship. Now he is committed to the research of Heqing traditional handicraft culture and the design of arts and crafts, trying his best for the protection and inheritance of the intangible cultural heritage of Heqing County(鹤庆县).
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Translated by Xu Annan/徐安楠