The Ancient City Wall of Dali

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Chinese Name:大理古城墙The Ancient City Wall of Dali
English Name: The Ancient City Wall of Dali
The Ancient City Wall of Dali was built in the 15th year of Hongwu in the Ming dynasty (AD1382) after the Ming army occupied Dali. Backing on the Mt. Cangshan and facing the Erhai, it is 7.5 meters high and 6 meters deep rounding an area of 36 square kilometers. Nowadays, only some parts of the north and south ancient wall were still standing.

The Ancient City Wall of Dali is a well-known brand of Dali. As a tourist attraction, it is already given much publicity to among the general people around the country and abroad. What are the most significant reasons that make it so famous are that it represents the Bai culture typically and completely, and the famous Chinese writer Jinyong wrote renowned swordsmen fictions about this wall like “Eight episodes of Heaven Dragon”. In his fictions, most moved love stories were involved this ancient city and the wall. The swordsmen stood on this wall, fighting for their lovers, reputation or powers. Standing on the ancient wall, tourists can overlook the picturesque scenery of the simple and unsophisticated lives inside the wall.