How Can I Get a China Driver’s License in Yunnan Province

Yunnan as one of the most important tourist destinations for self-driving in China, it attracts thousand s of tourists coming for travel annual. It’s a multi-ethnic groups’ province in China, except the splendid sceneries, the local custom and culture also worth experiencing. When you arrive in Yunnan, you will find the international standard tourist facilities, historical sites, busy streets, non-stop shopping, bar streets various museums and exciting flea markets. In Kunming, you can go to explore the Birds and Flowers Market at day time, and go to have relaxation in a bar sites around Jinma Biji Square. You also can explore around Kunming, such as Stone Forest, West Hill, Dragon Gate, etc.

All it took was one and a half hours on a bus to the Urumqi DMV to remind me why I wanted to get a China driver’s license in the first place.
The Kunming DMV, known as the 车管所 (che guan suo) in Chinese, was inconveniently built as far away from Urumqi as possible. The only indication that my bus was nearing its destination was the sight of numerous white cars whose markings boldly pronounced “driver-in-training”.
My butt hurt from the hard bus seat and my feet were frozen by a lack of heating. Like I said, a car was looking like an excellent option right about now.
Slowly a complex of buildings emerged from behind some trees and the bus dropped me off. I was on my own to figure out where to go from here.