Kunming-Style ChuiGuo Hot Pot

Traditional hot pot has a different name as “Chui Guo” in Kunming. Chui Guo, literally means “Cooking Pot”. The big Chui Guo is supposed to be made of copper. The upper part of the Chui Guo is used to fill the soup and ingredients such as vegetables and meat. And the lower part of the Chui Guo is used for burning the wood coal to heat the pot. 

To make it even tastier, the soup added into the pot could be chicken broth or meat broth. Traditionally, three layers of food should be placed into the pot. The base ingredient could contain some glass noodles while Yunnan ham, Tofu meatball, beef and other meaty ingredients come with the second layer. As these meaty ingredients would make the soup smell and taste better. On top of them should be vegetables, such as pea sprout, endive sprout, asparagus lettuce, bamboo shoots, etc.