Jiangchuan Three Courses in Kunming

“Three Courses” absorbs essence of folk-cooked chicken, lamp and fish. With unique formula, it has bright color and tempting flavor.


Add: No. 44, Jiangdong Commercial Street, Middle Beichen Road, Jiangdong Garden Residential District, Panlong District, Kunming (Jiangdong Branch)
Tel: 0871-6573 6679 (Jiangdong Branch)


Take No. 146, 236 Bus and get off at Jiangdong Garden Residential District (Beijing Road) stop.


Recommended Food
Hot and Sour Fish with Vermicelli and Tofu, Steamed Pork with Shredded Turnip


Sightseeing nearby: Shuanglong Temple, Baiyi Temple

Open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. There are 6 private rooms and a parking lot. It can accommodate about 300 diners.