Creative Restaurant—Shi Man Qu in Kunming

If you are a big fan of comic or anime then you should not miss this restaurant. When you first step into Shi Man Qu you may think is this place not a book shop? There are two large bookcase with full of comic books in the two side. In the middle there is another book case with props, like Conan’ s glasses, the shield of Captain America and the helmet of Iron Man. Try to use these props to take photos, must be fun.

The idea of Shi Man Qu restaurant is based on comics, even the wallpaper is Marvel’s characters, large carton doll is everywhere. In a sunny afternoon, take a cup of coffee and read one of your favorite  comics book, enjoy in a comics world. 


Recommend dish

Teriyaki Chicken

Thai Style Tom Yum Hot Pot

Seafood stir fry rice

Raindrop Cake (A kind of Japanese dessert)


  • Address: Shi Man Qu, Floor 4, West Nanping Shidai Plaza, Baoshang Street
  • Address in Chinese: 宝善街南屏时代大厦4楼(工商银行左侧西口入) 食漫去
  • Tel: 0871-63372017
  • Opening Hours: 10:00-22:30
  • Price Range: 63yuan/person