Laundry Services in Kunming

Laundry Services in Kunming.There are many laundries in Kunming, but these laundries have high and low evaluation. next, I will give you some examples of laundries that are cheap and have high evaluation in Kunming.


Bonnych(布兰奇) is a brand of international laundry industry chain organization. It is a well-known laundry chain enterprise both at home and abroad. For many years, it has devoted itself to the production of laundry equipment, the innovation of laundry technology and the operation of laundry chain.Bonnych also has many branches in Kunming, and everyone has a high rating on Blanche and the price is more appropriate.Next is the information of the  Bonnych branch in Kunming.

1. Bonnych Shuanghewan Store(布兰奇双河湾店)

Effect 7.9
Service 7.9
Address Shop 8-9-903 (Yiya Road), Shuanghewan and Yuanhe, Zhuyou
Tel 13668759710
Business hours Monday to Sunday, 09:00-22:00

2.Bonnych Ma Street Store(布兰奇马街店)

Effect 7.7
Service 7.7
Address Shop 1602, Xinyuan Road 
Tel 0871-68104088
Business hours Monday to Sunday, 09:00-20:00

3.Bonnych Golden Home Store(布兰奇金色家园店)

Effect 7.5
Service 7.7
Address No.9, No.76, Building 2, Phase 1, Golden Home Community, Golden Avenue
Tel 0871-65743083
Business hours Monday to Sunday, 9:30-21:00

Other Laundries in Kunming

At the same time, there are many other brands of laundry in Kunming. Here are some examples.

1. Jiechujing Laundry(洁初净衣馆 )

Effect 8
Service 8
Address Store No.5, Building 5, Runcheng Third Avenue Community, Haigeng Road
Tel 15752049116
Business Hours Monday to Sunday 09:00 to 20:00

2. Weisai Laundry(维塞洗衣)

Effect 7.4
Service 7.4
Address No. 22-1s-11, Phase IV, Greenland Shenggao Building, Qianwei West Road
Tel 18008843231
Business Hours Monday to Sunday 09:30-21:00

3.UCC International Laundry(UCC国际洗衣)

Effect 7.5
Service 7.5
Address Southeast Side 30m of China Post Express Logisticsc in Yikang Northern Road, 
Tel 0871-67482391
Business Hours Monday to Sunday 09:00-21:00

I hope the above information will be helpful to you. For more information, you can search the website or consult relevant staff.